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With winter fast approaching it's about time we all updated our wardrobes. If we are honest though, it's that time of year where we are all saving for the most expensive holiday; Christmas. To keep costs down I've devised a list of just 5 things I think you need to tide you over until spring!
-- Thick Knit Jumper --

I think this is an obvious choice really, who doesn't love snuggling up in a super cosy jumper when it's freezing outside? I stock up on jumpers in the winter as I practically live in them; the thicker the better.

-- Black Boots --

Let's be honest, you can wear a good pair of black boots all year round but when it's cold and wet you definitely need something study to protect your toes. I wear Converse pretty much all the time but they aren't great when you have to wade through muddy puddles.

-- Cosy Parka --

Another obvious one really. I love a snuggly parka coat; if I get a good quality one it can easily last me a few years so I definitely think they are worth investing in.

-- Snuggly Pyjamas --

I spend half of my life in pjs so I don't mind spending a bit of moola on them. I'm not one of those people that sits in their normal clothes at home (Sean on the other hand...), the second I get in I swap straight into my pyjamas and relax.

-- Versatile Party dress --

You'll probably be going to a few parties during the festive season so it's a good idea to invest in a dress that you can wear a lot. If you are lucky you might even find something you can dress down to wear to work after all of the fun is over.

If I'm honest I could have added 100 more things to this list but I think these are the necessities you could get away with buying. Is there anything you guys run out to buy every winter?

Thanks for reading!

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