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So this product has been in my 'to use' pile for quite some time now. I've been meaning to test it out for ages but I finally got around to opening it a few weeks back and I've been using it on and off since.

About the product

The Night-Time Facial is an anti-aging product that claims to 'boost cell vitality whilst delivering luscious moisture'. The treatment should leave your skin soft, smooth, and moisturised with visibly reduced fine lines. So does it work? As I'm still fairly young I can't really judge its anti-wrinkle claims however I can put the rest of it to the test. 

Does it work?

I had been very excited to try this product out, its not everyday I get to trial high end skincare even if it is sample size. I have noticed though that sometimes when I'm overly keen to try out something new I think I end up brainwashing myself into believing its amazing, even when its not, but this was not the case with this facial at all.

I don't think I've ever been so indifferent to a product before. Yes it's slightly moisturising and maybe my skin felt a little bit softer than it did the night before but the changes were so slight I could barely notice them. For a product that almost burns when it seeps into the skin I expected much more obvious results.


The Night-Time Facial retails at roughly £30 for a 40ml tube. I'm sorry but at that kind of price and for those kind of results I'm going to stick to cleansing my face well and applying a good moisturiser. I'm not sure how anyone could justify that kind of cash on an okay product.

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What did I think?

Its not a bad product but its not a good one either. Maybe I didn't use it regularly enough or maybe it just didn't work with my skin type but I really don't think I'd be buying it again.

I hate writing negative product reviews but sometimes things just don't live up to my expectations and as a beauty blogger its kind of up to me to talk about the good and the bad equally. 

I've love to know if you've tried this product before. Let me know if you got on with it better than me!

Thanks for reading!

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