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I'm back with another High End vs Budget post! These are fast becoming some of my favourite posts to write even though I'm running out of products to talk about. This week me and Amanda will be chatting all about eyeshadow singles... 

I don't have many eyeshadow singles, I mostly stick to my big palettes, so when it came to writing this months post I only had a few to choose from. In the end I opted to review a little MAC single I've had for quite a while but never used all that much. This post gave me a reason to really trial it out!

About the product

The MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in shade 'Ready to Party' is described as a hybrid product on the MAC website. It 'combines the smoothness of a cream, the blendability of a liquid and the finish of a powder. It also claims to be crease proof, fade proof, flake proof and long lasting with up to 6 hours wear.


So as always lets talk about the price. This eyeshadow retails at £16 which is absolutely extortionate in my opinion. I can't remember paying anywhere near that amount and I probably didn't as I picked it up in my favourite place - Duty Free. For a regular eyeshadow single I'd only really be prepared to pay up to £10, so this is really pushing the boat out. 

Does it work?

I can definitely vouch for the silky smooth texture of this eye shadow, it feels almost creamy to the touch. It's probably due to this texture that the eyeshadow is crease proof and flake proof - both claims I can confirm to be true. I'm not so sold on the claim that it is long lasting though. The MAC website states that the eyeshadow lasts for six hours, and it probably does but just about, and even then I don't think six hours is particularly long for a £16 eyeshadow.

What do I think?

Honestly I really like this little product. It's a handy size to keep in a handbag and the colour pay off is quite good as well. I love the texture and I don't feel like it's drying on my eyes like some other eyeshadows can be. I do think the price is a bit ridiculous though so I wouldn't purchase it again. I also think it's worth mentioning that to get the most out of this eyeshadow you should really pat it on with your fingers, brushes just won't give you the same effect.

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So that was my chosen 'high end' eyeshadow, don't forget to click here to see Amanda's blog post about her chosen budget eyeshadow single! If you fancy catching up on our previous posts, you can find mine here and Amanda's here!

Have you tried any of the MAC eyeshadows before? What did you think?

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