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Me and Sean visited Paris last summer after an exhausting few days in Dublin. Things didn't exactly go to plan, mostly because there was no plan and we just wanted to play things by ear. This meant we were super unorganised and apart from the one day we did have planned in Disneyland, we wasted a lot of our time in the city of love thinking of things to do. Since returning we've thought of all the things we wish we'd have done..

The Catacombs - Ever since watching As Above So Below a few years back I've been fascinated by the Paris Catacombs. They have the right balance of scary and intrigue that makes me want to explore. We did try to take a trip into the Catacombs on our last day but the queue was hours long and it was more hassle than it was worth to book tickets on the French language website.

Shopping - This seems like an obvious one but we didn't do a single spot of shopping while in Paris. I don't really think a quick whiz around the supermarket for a sandwich counts. It would have been nice to rummage in a few vintage shops or even have a mooch in a Sephora but we were lacking in energy for anything like that.

Centre Pompidou - You know that funny looking building with stairs that look like a waterslide going down the side? Well thats the Centre Pompidou. The inside is holds the biggest collection of modern art in Europe and the exterior divides opinions worldwide.

Eat French Cuisine - What even is French cuisine? I wouldn't know I only ate subway and burgers! But really I would have liked to have gone to a traditional french bistro and eaten delicious French food and I don't mean frogs legs or snails. 

The Bataclan - Without sounding too strange I wish I'd have seen the Bataclan. The same morbid curiosity that almost drove me into the Catacombs also made me want to visit the Bataclan theatre and pay my respects to people who lost their lives there.

National Museum of Natural History - I've been to the Natural History Museum in London and I love it. I've always been fascinated by dinosaurs and fossils so it would be nice to see how the French version compares. 

Palace of Versailles - Thinking back now I honestly can't believe we didn't even try to visit Versailles! I've been obsessed with Marie Antoinette since I was 15 and to pass up a chance to see her home is just unthinkable. Yeah its a little far out from the city but I know it would have been worth the trip. 

The Islands - I'd never heard of these until Sean mentioned them to me but they sound really interesting. The Islands are literally two natural islands in the middle of the Seine where the City of was Paris originally founded. 

I know we must have missed a thousand things in our disorganised state but I can honestly say I won't be making that mistake again when visiting anywhere. 

Have you ever been to Paris before? What are your favourite things to do?

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