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I've just booked a holiday, my first holiday of 2017 and I cannot wait. Me and Sean are off to Warsaw, Poland in March and while it's still a little while away, I'm dying to pick up a few new bits before I go. I've decided to put a small wishlist together in the hopes that its all still in stock in few weeks time.

So I have no idea what the weather is going to be like when we land. I know it can be a little hit and miss around this time of year and I'm probably being overly optimistic with my outfit choices but I guess I can always layer up.

One thing that I would really love to get my grubby hands on for the weekend is that gorgeous pink Grafea rucksack. I know they are expensive, pretty heavy and just a bit impractical but its literally amazing so I really don't care. Also can we just talk about those leopard print boots for a second! Again completely the wrong thing to wear for walking around a rainy city all day but bloody hell they are lovely!

While I'm talking about my holiday, if anyone has any blog posts about Warsaw or Poland in general I'd love to read them, so please leave the links below or tweet me!

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