So I managed to drag Sean out of the house on a very cold Sunday afternoon to take some outfit pics for me. I'm not going to lie, it was literally freezing when we snapped these photos; you can even just about see the ice forming on the canal. Regardless of the cold I'm so glad we got out to enjoy the sun, I know we won't be seeing a lot of it over the next few months!

So this is the outfit I actually wore to The Clothes Show last Saturday. As always I was driving myself mad trying to think about what I was going to wear. I wanted to be comfy but at the same time it's The Clothes Show, you have to dress half decent, especially as this year I was given a press pass. Believe me I almost cried when I got the email!

I settled on my new favourite coat from Dorothy Perkins, £60 down to £27 in the sale. I paired that with a slightly oversized pink turtleneck from H&M and my very well loved black Asos jeggings. I also chose to wear the most beautiful pair of boots you have ever seen in your life. They may be pretty but honestly after a few hours of trotting around the NEC they almost destroyed my feet. Turns out I'd managed to leave some of the packaging inside (don't ask) which rubbed my little toes until they were sore.

To top the whole thing off I chose my fave statement necklace from Primark and my new Vivienne Westwood bracelet. Before buying it I was a little apprehensive about forking out that much for one piece of jewellery, I mean it's not even silver, but truth be told I've already gotten that much wear out of it I'm considering going back for the matching earrings. I'll try and link everything or a similar alternative down below.

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I absolutely loved shooting these so I hope you guys enjoyed looking at them.  I say this at the end of pretty much anything I create now but I'm really hoping to do more of this and I'd love to hear some feedback/ constructive criticism!

Did any of you manage to get down to The Clothes Show last week?

Thanks for reading!



  1. The jumper you're wearing is absolutely gorgeous! I feel the shade goes so well with the dainty detailing on your boots. I'm not into the embroidery trend myself as I go between feeling it's too girly and reminds me of being a kid, to feeling like it's grannyish, haha! I do like the look of the boots though, they are probably the part of the embroidery trend I really like. I'm a sucker for ankle boots so I feel your pain - my fave trusty grey ones make my feet burn with pain after about fifteen minutes of walking - it's the worst! xx

    1. I'm literally in love with the embroidery trend I'm not going to lie! I do think its kind of old fashioned but I'm down with that :) Boots that hurt your feet are seriously annoying but when you know they make your legs looks fab you just kind of have to suffer it haha xx


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