Pokemon Inspired Makeup - Jigglypuff

So you might have seen last month's Pokemon inspired makeup, well I thought it was about time I did another and this time it's Jigglypuff! This little cutie is another one of my favourite Pokemon so I was really excited to create this look! I'd love to hear which Pokemon you'd like to see next!

So I started this look by applying the gorgeous pink shade; Harajuku from the Urban Decay Gwen Steffani Palette. I haven't really had much chance to use this shade as its a little bit "out there" for me, but then again so is the next shade I used. I then added the turquoise shade; Heads Will Roll from the Alice in Wonderland Palette to my outer corners. I blended this like mad but looking back at it now I could have tried a bit harder.

After that I took out my Heavy Metal Eyeliner - also from Urban Decay and dabbed this all over my eyelids. I hardly ever use this product either, which is such a shame as I absolutely love having glittery lids! Once I had eyeshadow on my eyelids I then went on to repeat everything underneath my lower lashes.

I then turned to my trusty Benefit Roller Lash Mascara and added coat after coat until I was happy with the length and volume of my lashes. Before I apply mascara I always dab a little bit of moisturizer onto my lashes to make everything go smoother. Does anyone know of any specialised eyelash cream? If anything like that even exists I would love to know!

After my mascara was applied I then drew on my eyeliner. For this I used the Kat Von D Ink liner. I might have gone a bit mad with this looking back now, I don't usually paint it on that thick! This little beauty has been a favourite of mine for months now, and its still going strong since the day I bought it way back in April! It might be a little pricey at €20 but it is easily the best eyeliner I've ever used. 

And thats the finished look! I'm not going to bother going into what products I've used on the rest of my face as thats the same as always. I'd really love to know what you think of this look and what Pokemon you'd like to see me create next!

Thanks for reading!


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