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Hello! Welcome to my new series, High End VS Budget! In this new style of post me and Amanda from xamandajayne.blogspot.co.uk will be selecting a type of beauty product and talking about our favourite high end and budget versions! Before you read on go follow Amanda on Bloglovin and while you're at it follow her Instagram too!

So as you might have already guessed this post is all about foundation! Foundation is something I have struggled with since forever. I'm very pale and I don't like a lot of coverage, I also have combination skin witch makes foundation shopping a nightmare! I never wear liquid foundation so for this post I'm going to run you through my favourite high end powder foundation!

Like I said previously I never really need a lot of coverage but I rarely leave the house without a dusting of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Foundation in shade Light Plus. I'm pretty sure this is one of the lightest shades they do but I could be wrong.

This little beauty comes in at £24 which is pretty pricey but worth it. I always stock up on this when I'm at the airport so I usually managed to pay a few pounds less. This is one of those products however that I don't mind splurging on because the quality really is good.

Now the coverage isn't all that, I find it works best after concealer which is usually all I wear as a base. If you tend to want a bit more coverage I would suggest using this as finishing product after you've applied concealer, liquid foundation ect. Although this doesn't feel heavy on my skin is definitely not a thin dust like some of the cheaper alternatives.

I guess you're wondering how long this stuff usually lasts on your face. Well I never use a primer, or a setting spray (I'm all about that moisturiser life) but I would say you get a good few hours out of this before having to reapply. If anyone uses this with a primer or setting spray I would love to know if you think it makes a difference!

As always I have to talk about the packaging which isn't all that exciting here. Its very basic and looks like your typical MAC product however it does have that high end feel to it which is always good. The mirror inside is also a nice touch, however I never use it as it usually just gets coated in product, and lets be honest who can be arsed to clean that up right? While we're talking about packing, did you know if you return 6 empty packaging containers to a MAC counter you receive a free lipstick of your choice! Thats worth remembering if you shop there a lot.

So that was my favourite high end foundation, don't forget to click here to read all about Amanda's favourite budget foundation! Next time we will be talking about: Mascara!

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