B. Makeup Brush Cleanser

Rushing around the shops a few hours before I needed to be packed to go to Dublin I suddenly realised I hadn't washed my makeup brushes. I aways give them a good soak before I go on holiday and the thought of running out of time to do so made me feel a bit unwell. Luckily I happened upon this gem of an item and my worries drifted away.

The B. Makeup Brush Cleanser retails at around £5 for a 125ml bottle which I think is a pretty decent price. The formula cleans and disinfects brushes and can be used with either synthetic or natural bristles.

To use the product you simply spray the solution onto your brush two or three times and gently rub the dirt off into a tissue. I prefer to use a couple of clean flannels as tissues tend to make a bit of a mess. You then leave your brushes to air dry and use again as normal. I found the cleanser really easy to use and my brushes were dry within a few hours which is perfect if you are in a hurry like I was. 

The product also claims to condition your brushes although so far I haven't really noticed any difference. This might be because I've only used it twice and my usual way of cleaning my brushes (baby shampoo and warm water) does leave them feeling really quite soft.

I always have to comment on the scent of a product and although this doesn't smell of anything amazing it also doesn't smell bad. The scent is mostly down to the disinfectant which smells a bit like alcohol and hand sanitiser but this doesn't stay on the brush once the product has dried.

Although I'm very impressed with this product for how easy is it to use and the price, I don't think I will use this every time I wash my brushes as I think they do need a long soak every now and then. That being said this is a perfect cleaner for a lazy girl like myself and I would buy it again!

Have you tried this makeup brush cleaner before? 

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  1. I actually love this stuff, it's so much cheaper than the MAC one I was buying. I agree - you still need to give your brushes a good deep clean but this is great for travelling or day-to-day spot cleaning. I use this religiously on my eye brushes as I always need to clean them for the next day! xx

    1. I've honestly never tried any other brush cleanser how bad is that? This one seems to do the job though and for around £5 i'm pretty happy with it! xx

  2. I also have this brush cleaner grace it's amazing xxx

    1. Literally everyone seems to have this! I feel like it could easily turn into a cult product! xx

  3. I picked this up the other day but haven't used it yet, so glad to see some amazing reviews of it as I really wasn't expecting much! x

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  5. It was excellent.its seem is not very good if you spray in brushes and live it for 30 second and clean with cotton-dick by tapping on it its work perfect .


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