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A little while back I was sent a sample kit of Arbonne Skincare products to test out. Arbonne are a Swiss brand who's products are vegan, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, gluten free and also cruelty free. After determining my skin type I was given the FC5 Complextion Revitalising sample set which is formulated for normal/dry skin. The sample set contained 1 Nurturing Day Lotion, 1 Moisturising Night Creme, 1 Hydrating Eye Creme and 1 Hydrating Cleanser.

Nurturing Day Lotion - The first product I want to talk about is the gorgeously scented Day Lotion. This is the first product I ran out of as I couldn't get enough of it. Its a little bit thicker than my usual moisturiser but I didn't feel like it was too heavy on my face. The product also didn't go as far as I would have expected but I do like to really lather it on, so that explains that. Overall I really liked it. The product made my face feel really hydrated and I would still be using it now had I not ran out.

Moisturising Night Creme - This product again came with the same beautiful scent as the day lotion. It was also just as think however it was very quickly absorbed into my skin and didn't feel greasy at all.

Hydrating Eye Creme - Up until I started using these products I had just used bog standard facial moisturisers around my eyes and that was good enough for me. Although I will probably go back to that routine after I've finished this product I did really enjoy using it as I felt it was incredibly gentle on that sensitive area. I also felt that this product went incredibly far and I didn't need to use much at all, hence why I still have some left.

Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener - This was probably the product I was most impressed with. I've tried several cleansers in the past and I've never found anything that has come remotely close to my beloved Peaches & Clean from Soap & Glory. This little beauty however comes in very close. It leaves my skin feeling very fresh and even removes my stubborn eye makeup!

Makeup Primer - The lovely people at Arbonne had also included a makeup primer in with my samples for me to try out so I thought I might as well write about that here too! Although I haven't used this as a base for my foundation I have tried it out as an eyeshadow primer and I was quite impressed. It kept my eyeshadow from creasing and kept it looking fresh for a good few hours.

You can pick up any of the products mentioned here.

Have you ever tried anything from the Arbonne range?

Thanks for reading!


This post contains PR samples however all opinions are my own

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