Ebb & Flow Solihull Review

I feel like its been forever since I wrote a proper restaurant review and honestly I want to get back into it. I love going for meals and I try to go somewhere new every few weeks so I might as well start reviewing them again! Anyway a few nights back me and Sean went for a little Meal at Ebb & Flow in Solihull. Neither of us had eaten here before so we were excited to try something new!

Price - As usual I'm going to start with the price. Most meals average out at around £9 - £10 which is pretty standard but might seem a bit on the steep side if you're used to good old Wetherspoons, which I am. Drinks again are pretty standard with a pint of coke priced at £2.10.

Service - When we ate here the place was dead, like completely empty aside from two other couples. I always like this because it often means service is pretty good. We didn't have to wait long at all for our food food to arrive and our waiter was also pretty friendly, bringing over whichever condiments we wanted. But that's the last we saw of him. No-one came to clear our plates or asked if we wanted any desserts which was quite surprising considering we were the only people eating at this time.

Food - For our meals Sean and I both chose burgers. I chose the chicken in sesame seeds while Sean opted for the ultimate burger, they both sounded amazing. The food arrived on two lovely platters with our coleslaw in little pots and our chips in a mug. The presentation was perfect. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy my chicken, and neither did Sean. I can only assume that it just wasn't to our taste as Sean really enjoyed his burger and we both loved the chips! Another bad point was that when I ordered our meals we we given a choice of either a plain bun or one with sesame seeds on, Sean wanted plain and I ordered sesame seeds. When the food arrived they got this mixed up which wasn't a huge deal however all of Sean's sauce was on his bun so we couldn't swap them. Like I said this wasn't a big problem but if you have allergies its worth making sure they have the order down right.
One last thing I will mention is that the menu on the website is completely different to the menu on the tables so don't pick your meal before you arrive like I did!

Cleanliness - Apart from our plates not being cleared the place was pretty much spotless. The whole restaurant was really well presented/ beautifully decorated and I have no complaints about how clean it was.

Location - Ebb & Flow is located in central Solihull directly opposite the entrance to the Touchwood car park. There are also several other car parks within walking distance and a number of bus stops just around the corner. It's incredibly easy to get to and would be a perfect place to stop by after a long day of shopping around Solihull.

Overall I did enjoy my time at Ebb & Flow, even though the Chicken wasn't to my taste I would love to come back and try some of the other meals of offer. 

Thanks for reading!

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