March Beauty Favourites

So I'm back again with another monthly beauty favourites post and honestly I'm running out of things to talk about! I haven't really picked up anything new lately and its been like that since Christmas so I'm thinking of retiring my favourites posts. I might go back to just reviewing products as and when I use them because I feel like that might be more interesting? Let me know what you guys think either way!

The first product I want to talk about is this Eco Tools Precision Blush Brush. This makeup brush which retails at around £8 is perfect for either blusher, bronzer or highlighter. I use it to apply a nice dusting of highlighter at the top of my cheekbones, on my forehead, on my chin, down my nose and on my cupids bow to give my face a shimmery glow. The bristles are very soft but at the same time pick up a good amount of product and make it really easy to blend powders into the skin.

I received this Parlor Sea Salt Spray around 6 months ago in a Birch Box but I've only recently got around to really using it. I can't believe its took so long for me to pick up a salt spray as I love the volume and hold you get from using one. This little bottle really does make my hair feel twice as big and it also helps to encourage subtle waves even with flat hair. Although I haven't used it yet on curled hair I can only imagine the gorgeous beach waves I would get after spraying this all over. I do think the full sized product is very expensive however so I might have to find a cheaper alternative when this runs out.

Where do I even start with this product? This little bottle of Soap & glory Deep Cleansing Milk is honestly the stuff of dreams. I've been using this since Christmas and it has completely replaced my way more expensive Trilogy Cleansing Balm. Although this cleanser is on the more budget side of things it works incredibly well and easily removes my stubborn Roller Lash mascara, which can be a bit of a bugger to budge! This product also smells amazing and doesn't even sting when I accidentally get it in my eyes (this happens more than I would like to admit). 

So Those were my March beauty favourites! I'd love to hear about the products you guys are loving this month! I'd also like to know if I should keep my monthly favourites or should I just go back to my old ways and review products as I try them out?

Thanks for reading!


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