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You might have already read my Whittlebury Hall Spa review I posted last week (If not you can find it here) but today I wanted to talk about the hotel itself and the rooms we slept in. I don't think I've ever written a thorough in detail hotel review on my blog before so let me know if its something you'd like to see more of!

I've never stayed at Whittlebury Hall before and come to think of it I don't think I've ever stayed at a Spa Hotel before so this was a new but very exciting experience for me! Like I explained last week, we spent the first day in the actual spa only heading to our hotel room at around 7pm. When we finally got to our rooms, our bags had been placed inside which saved us lugging them around. Not many hotels I've been to offer this service so either I've stayed at rubbish hotels or this is a nice extra touch. 

 I thought the rooms were very spacious. Unlike previous rooms I've stayed in there was plenty of space and the dressing table was long enough for 2 people to use which was great considering I was staying with my sister. There were also two sinks, one for us to use and one for us to leave our soggy bikinis to drain overnight (and almost forget the next morning). The wardrobe was also huge and contained a safe, an iron and board and all the drink making facilities and biscuits we could want. We were spoilt rotten for space in this room so it really was a shame we were only staying one night. I also thought our rooms were really nicely decorated. I can only speak for our section of the hotel but everything in our rooms was really modern and aesthetically pleasing.

When staying in a hotel room there are a few things that are an absolute must for me; a comfortable bed - check, a full length mirror - check, a plug socket by the bed - check, freebie toiletries - check, a hot shower with good water pressure - check, a well lit dressing table - nope. For the most part our rooms had everything we could ask for but the only thing that let it down was not having decent lighting at the dressing table. Although the bathroom had perfect lighting to do our make up in we had to wait until both of us had showered and the steam cleared before we could even attempt to get ready, and even then the mirror was quite far away so I was difficult to see properly. It was just such a shame that they had installed such a gorgeous dressing table set up for it to have literally zero lighting by it.

We didn't really get chance to explore all of the hotel but the rooms I did get chance to see were really nice. The reception area was very large with more than enough sofas for guests to relax on whilst they were checking in or out. All of the dinning areas were also very nicely decorated and clearly kept clean by the staff. Although we never drank in the bar area it seemed decent enough with sporting memorabilia and TV's dotted around the walls for the guests to enjoy. Not one bit of the hotel looked unkept and both days we were there I spotted staff dusting and polishing the wooden furnishings. 

So would I stay at the hotel again? Yes, although it would have to be as part of the spa break package again as its not exactly close to anywhere I would like to visit (Silverstone racetrack just doesn't do it for me). Its the perfect country retreat for relaxing and ignoring the outside world, however there is free wifi throughout the hotel if you would still like to be connected!

 Have any of you ever stayed here before? I've love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading!


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