Jewellery Storage Ideas

I have so much jewellery, like I mean A LOT. Every time I go shopping I come back with a new ring or bracelet and its honestly getting a little but ridiculous now. How do I store all this stuff?! 

Jewellery Boxes don't do it for me, I've had plenty in the past but I'm a proper little hoarder and I like to be able to see what I've got. I like to keep it all on display in my room, like a little museum of all of crap I've accumulated. So how do I store all of my rings and things? Heres how...

Ikea Jars - Although I didn't show them here ( They aren't photogenic at all ) I have a couple of small clear glass jars form Ikea that I keep a lot of jewellery in. I have a gold jewellery jar and a silver jewellery jar so I can easily find the colour I'm looking for. These little jars cost about 80p and are an absolute godsend, I have other jars full of single eyeshadows, cotton buds and cotton pads all in my room.

Soap Dishes - Bare with me here, I know it sounds silly but like I said I like to keep everything on display and you can get some seriously cute soap dishes! You see that gorgeous iridescent shell in the last photo? Yep that is a soap dish and it only cost around £4 too!

Ring Holders - I know this is an obvious one but I have a couple of amazing little ring holders that sit pretty on my desk and I just needed to show them to you. Both were presents from Sean and both are adorable. I hang rings, hair bobbles, bracelets and anything else I fancy off these little trinkets and they still look cute. I can also put hair grips, earrings and other things in the dish at the bottom of the stands.

Biscuit Tins - Yay for recycling! I know I said before that I like to have everything on display, well that is true but I have some pieces that I don't wear so often. I like to keep these pieces safe but I still want easy access to them so I keep them in an old Shortbread Biscuit tin that I've had for ages. 

Small Bowls - A lot of places sell teeny tiny bowls for things like olives or dips. These little bowls are usually very pretty as they are designed to come out at parties and they are also usually pretty cheap as people tend to buy a few. That little blue dish is a little dip bowl from Tesco's that cost me just £1! You can easily pay £6 or £7 for something like this in Urban Outfitters!

So thats how I like to store my jewellery. Hope you guys got a few ideas form that!

How do you keep your jewellery organised?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great article! :)
    I'm in love with your ring holders ♡♡

  2. Gorgeous dresses, they look lovely!


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