Valentines Day: 6 Super Budget Ideas

Valentines day can be quite pricey; theres cards, presents, expensive meals, and don't forget having to fork out for a new outfit. But what about when you're on a tight budget? Everyone wants a really nice day with their partner but that can be tricky when money is tight. Well I've rounded up a few of my favourite super budget ways to spend this Valentines!

Go For a Walk - Over the last few weeks me and Sean have been going for walks with the dog in our local wood. It's really hilly and pretty and can be a bit of a workout but it's also super fun. It's so nice to be away from everything and everyone completely surrounded by trees and nature. I love my weekly walks with Sean and I wouldn't mind at all if he suggested we start our valentines day with one.

Visit a Museum - Starting to sound like an old lady here but ah well. I really enjoy museums and old houses; me and Sean are actually members of the National Trust which saves us a lot of money in the long run. There are loads of free or cheap museums all over the country so if you're into that kind of thing it could be a nice way to spend a few hours.

Have a Film Marathon - Why go out when you could spend all day snuggling up in your PJS watching your favourite series or films? There's loads of cute films I'd love to watch with Sean but we never have the time, this way we could watch them all in one go!

Cook Together - After you've finished that film marathon why not get all dressed up and make dinner with each other? I adore cooking with Sean, we have so much fun and we make a killer Spaghetti Bolognese!

Go For Coffee - I don't drink coffee but I would murder someone for a good hot chocolate or a refreshing ice tea at one of my favourite coffee shops. Sometimes its nice to grab a drink and just sit with each other for a while. It can be hard to make time to simply talk with each other about things so put away your phones, and enjoy just being together.

Botanical Gardens - Here in Birmingham we have a gorgeous Botanical Garden Centre and I know many other major cities do too. I've spent so many hours wandering around this huge place taking photos of tropical plants and birds. I can't vouch for the others but our Botanical Garden is pretty cheap to get in and if you take a picnic you can save even more money!

So those are my best budget ideas for this Valentines day! I guess you're all wondering what me and Sean are planning this year? Well we're on a little bit of a budget as we're trying to save to move out and we aren't planning on doing presents either this year. We've decided to head down to Western-Super-Mare for a day by the beach and in the arcade spending lots of 2ps!

I'd love to hear what you guys are up to this year, are you going for a romantic meal or is Valentines really not for you? 

Thanks for reading!


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