The Valentines Presents We Really Want

Let's be honest a bouquet of flowers would make anyone happy. I love it when Sean rolls up with some pretty little Peonies but there's a few other, less traditional gifts I wouldn't turn my nose up at either. Guys take note...

Makeup - You know that new release we've been banging on about forever? Yep we want it. Chances are we're not actually hinting at you to buy it, we just like talking about it, but if you want to surprise us we wont say no.

An Adventure - Plan a day out but don't tell us where. It doesn't have to be romantic as long as its fun! Don't forget to tell us what to wear though, no-one wants to turn up in a cute outfit to go rock climbing! 

A New Dress - Or anything clothing really. This could be a bit hit or miss but either way were going to appreciate the effort. I love buying Sean new clothes and if he ever wanted to repay the favour now would be a perfect time to do it. Just stay well away from anything bodycon, I wont look like the girls in the adverts bab.

An Experience Day - You think Go Karting and Paint Balling is just for guys? Think again. I absolutely love driving around a track like a mad woman, it's the closest thing I can get to actually driving right now plus I probably wont kill anyone in the process. For girls who can drive there are always track days!

Anything Unicorn - I know I cant have an actual Unicorn but anything Unicorn related will do. I'll take THIS or THIS, I'll even settle for THESE. You can never go wrong with anything cute.

Blogger Related gifts - Dating a blogger? Treat her to some business cards or buy her an advertising package to get her site out there! If she doesn't own a domain name why not buy one? Just make sure its one she actually wants to use for quite a while!

Your Time - I love a good present but honestly I'd be just as content spending the day with you. Gifts are nice but nothing beats enjoying a day with the person you love. So shower us in gifts all you want but remember you're the best thing we could ask for!
And I'm going to end it on that soppy note!

Thanks for reading!


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P.S. - Sean if you are reading this, I'm not hinting at presents I promise.

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