My MAC Lipstick Collection

Today I thought I would talk about my small but growing MAC Lipstick collection. I bought my first MAC Lipstick back in August and I haven't looked back since. 

Now I don't want to come across as a makeup snob, I know these lipsticks are quite pricey and honestly most of them were gifts. I'm very lucky to be able to have nice things like this so I hope this doesn't look like I'm bragging. So lets talk about them...

Velvet Teddy - This was my first ever MAC lipstick. I jumped on the bandwagon and became a Velvet Teddy addict. The shade is just perfect and the lipstick its self has an amazing consistency. It lasts for hours on my lips and although I do have to re-apply after I've eaten I think this shade was well worth the money. I've almost finished my first one and I've already bought my next in preparation!

Faux - I received this shade for Christmas and I haven't actually had chance to use it yet which is a shame. The shade is just a little bit lighter and more pink than Velvet Teddy and I can easily see this becoming my new 'go to' lipstick . This shade retails at £15.50.

Meltdown - I bought this about a week after Velvet Teddy because I already knew I wanted to start a collection. One of the bloggers I followed at the time blogged about an orange lipstick she loved wearing and I wanted to get on that hype too. I didn't want to go for a bright orange so I settled for a subtle glittery shade. I don't wear this as much as the others and its not as vivid as I would like either but I'm still glad I have it in my collection so I can switch things up from time to time.

Whirl - This was another Christmas present and I haven't had chance to try this out either. This is more of a deep pink / brown shade that I would probably reserve for a night our or meal. I've seen nothing but good reviews about this shade online so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Men Love Mystery - Where do I start with this shade? I picked it up at the airport before I went to Amsterdam in August and I fell in love instantly! I had lilac hair at this time too so I wore it almost every day because I thought it went well. It lasts forever although I do need to reapply every now and then because it starts to look a bit tired. I don't wear it as much as I would like too but I'm really glad I have it in my little collection.

So that was my MAC lipstick collection. I'd really like to keep adding to it over the next few months, and even throw in a few lip liners too! What shade do you think I should get next?

Also over the last few months and because of christmas I've managed to get my hands on a lot of nicer make up bits, would you guys like to see a high end make up collection post?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Ooh I love the look of Faux - it looks like the perfect nude! xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Oh I can easily see Faux being my new fave! xx


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