Clothes Show Live 2015

Well I'm back! I know I've been MIA for about a month but I'm here now and I've got a few pictures to share from the Clothes Show Live on Saturday!
This is my second year of going to the Clothes Show and it was just as good as the previous year! Sean took me again this time and spent hours wandering around the stalls with me the little cutie.

We arrived pretty late, partly due to wanting a little lie in and also because of some badly worded road work signs (looking at you Birmingham City Counsil!) so by the time we got there everything was in full swing. 
I didn't really bother with any of the little cat walk shows throughout the day which was a bit of a shame but we were really short on time. Most of the day was spent shopping and that's exactly what I had planned! Although I was on a bit of a budget (when am I not!) I managed to get a fair bit of stuff and even snapped up a few bargains and freebies. 
I never really seem to get any clothes at the Clothes Show and honestly this year was the same, I only came away with a jumper and a clutch bag if that counts? But I could have bought so much more.

This year I was really happy to see that Sue Ryder had a stand and they actually stocked quite a lot of decent stuff! I came away with a gorgeous bright pink fluffy clutch bag that was only £10 when they sell on eBay for so much more. I really hope more charities jump on the bandwagon because I can see it being such a good way to make money for them, especially as so many people go looking for vintage treats!

Make up was what I really planned to get my hands on and I did pick up a few bits and bobs as well as couple of free goodies. I really wish I'd have budgeted a little bit more for beauty bits as there was just so much choice and the goodie bags seemed to be well worth the money this year!

The main show was also amazing. Sean booked us in for the last showing of the day so we could just get off home once we'd seen it. I really really loved it, although I did feel like it was maybe a little bit shorter than last year.

Overall I had an absolutely fab day and I so cant wait to go back next year! I'm hoping to do a haul video of what I got soon and I'll definitely be posting my OOTD as I was really happy with it!

Did you get chance to go to the Clothes Show this year?

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