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I haven't written a product review in quite a while so I thought I'd get back into it with a product I've been testing out over the last few weeks - Sudocrem.

Sudocrem is a very well known skin care product, it's been a family favorite for years. My mom had always used it on us as kids and up until recently I thought it was really only for soothing sore skin and nappy rash. That was until I picked up a handy travel sized Skin Care Cream. 

A whole tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

The Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is specifically designed for teenagers and adults with sensitive or spot prone skin. It can also be used to soothe shaving rash and help with dry patches. Although I never tried this out on rashes I can definitely vouch for it being a gentle product and helping clear up dry skin. 

As you all probably know by now I suffer will really dry skin and patchy eczema. Although there's no cure for it I have used several creams that have helped, including this one. I get a really bad patch of dry skin on my wrist and for the last couple of weeks I have been applying Sudocrem before bed. I really wish I had some before and after pictures because the transformation really is amazing. Although it hasn't totally cleared up, its healed up quite a lot and the skin isn't as inflamed. 

A tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream with the lid open

Although it doesn't claim to be a moisturizing cream, it does help with dry skin. Like I said previously, I've used it every night before bed and with regular use I did see improvements. If you do have severe dry skin like myself, I would suggest using other moisturizing creams to accompany the Sudocrem as it cant work miracles. 

One thing I love about this cream is the smell. Although it's not advertised as a scented skin care cream it does smell really good and even Sean commented on how nice my face smelt after I'd applied it. Another bonus is the price. A 30g travel sized product retails at around £1.99 and considering how long it lasts, its a bargain. 

a close up shot of the logo on the tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

One thing I personally don't like about this cream is the consistency. It's quite a thick cream and although some people love that, I generally prefer thinner creams as I've found this quite hard to rub in. However when the cream is rubbed in properly it doesn't feel greasy on the skin which is always a plus when you use it before going out. 

This isn't a cream I would used all over but for particularly dry or irritated skin it's become my daily go to product. Overall I've enjoyed using this product and I will continue to use it alongside my other skin care creams. I would give this cream an 8/10.

Have you tried Sudocrem before? Do you like it?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I absolutely love this stuff - it's such an overlooked staple! It really works wonders on soothing and calming any upcoming blemishes! Whenever I'm at home you can always find me with white patches of this all over my face - attractive!

    SinĂ©ad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. I use it every day on my exzema and it keeps in protected all day. I havent covered my face in it yet but I have dabbed it on dry patches xx


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