How I Keep Busy on Long Journeys

Jetting off in a plane or heading down the motorway to a little seaside town, sometimes traveling to your chosen destination can get a bit tedious. I love traveling, I always have and long journeys don't faze me at all. I'm more than happy to relax with a glass of wine and look out the window at the clouds below, but I like flying, or at least I did till I watched too much Air Crash Investigation!

I'm absolutely in my element when I'm traveling somewhere new, but long journeys aren't for everyone so I thought I would share my tips on keeping busy when travelling!

Read - Getting lost in a good book is always a good way to kill a few hours no matter where you are. Time seems to just disappear when I'm reading so I always take a book or magazine on holiday with me. If fictions not your thing why not pick up a travel guide? Its always a good idea to do a bit of research on where you're staying and reading about it while you're on your way will only make you more excited. If you just fancy a light read I would recommend picking up a magazine to keep you busy on your travels. My local airport is quite big and has a lot of shops so I always pick up a few free magazines including the Boots mag which is usually a good read!

Pamper yourself - So your going to have a few hours where you cant do anything but sit still? Why don't you skip the early morning make up routine and do it on the plane! This tip isn't for everyone but if you don't mind spending a few hours without makeup, you can have extra time in bed and keep yourself busy for however long you want to. I've also painted my nails on the plane quite a few times. Although my nail painting skills are horrific and I always look like I've just stuck my fingers in the pot, this could work for someone who takes a little more care.

Draw - If you have a creative mind why not take a sketch book or better yet a colouring book! You might have seen my many posts on Instagram about my amazing adult colouring book, but I love it. There's so many beautiful pictures and prints to colour in, its kept me busy for hours. I'm definitely going to be taking my colouring book away with me next time I jet off and I'm sure Sean will bring his too! The only downside with this one is how much space they take up but I think they are worth taking if you can spare the room!

Listen to music - For me nothing kills time faster than a few good songs. I'm always listening to music weather I'm on a long journey or a short bus ride, it makes it just a little more pleasant. Just spend a bit of time before you go downloading all your favorite songs so you have something nice and new to listen to. Why not create a holiday playlist? Whenever you hear those songs it will instantly take you back to your holiday and all those good memories. If your going in the car you could make a few holiday themed CDs to listen to on the way down that way you wont be using all your phone battery. And if you're travelling by plane and your phone suddenly dies, don't worry, a lot of airlines have radio stations to listen to if you plug your headphones into your seat.

That's about all I cant think of for now. I'm definitely going to be using these tips just next time I jet off, and of course I'll be treating myself to a few glasses of that wine! I really hope you all found these tips helpful and I'd love to hear some of the things you do to keep busy on long journeys. If there's anything you think should have made the list leave it in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Fab post! I always read and put lots of new songs on my phone. Free mags are a fantastic idea!

    Rachael at

    1. Thank you! I think music is such a good way to kill time! xx

  2. So mant fab ways of keeping busy here Grace! I love reading too, or daydreaming out the window ;) And a few glasses of wine is always a lovely way to liven up a boring flight. And music is always such a good distraction and I love blasting a bit of Kanye in the car :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. A few glasses of wine and a couple of good songs is perfect for me! xx


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