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I have a habit of picking up free stuff. If its free I'll probably take it and that's exactly how I came to own this little nail varnish. It came, with a few other treats, in my Clothes Show Live good bag back in December. I've only just got around to using it so here's what I thought..

I didn't really like the colour at first, I'm more into my golds and pinks but I thought I might warm to it, I didn't. The colour is just too bright for me and doesn't really go with any of my clothes so I wouldn't use it again based on just that. 

The actual varnish its self is a really good quality. Its a the perfect consistency, not too thick and gloopy but not runny either. The brush inside is also a good quality and makes applying the varnish really easy. I would definitely consider buying more Models Own nail varnish's if they are all as easy to use as this one.
The staying power is pretty good too, I managed to go a few days before it started to chip and that's a long time for me.

Apart from the colour the main downside for me was how hard it was to remove. Its a bugger to get off your nails and you really have to scrub at them for a while before the polish shows signs of moving. I was silly enough not to use a base coat before painting my nails and now they are stained blue.

All in all its a pretty decent nail varnish. I wouldn't use it again as I don't like the colour but I would buy other shades from the range. If you do buy this nail varnish I cant stress enough how important it is to apply a base coat first else you will end up with permanently blue nails too! Overall I would give it a 3/10 as it just wasn't for me.

Have you tired any Models Own nail varnish? What did you think about it?

Thanks for reading!

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