I've seen this done on quite a few blogs and I thought it would be a good idea to do a little one of my own! From now on, every month I will post about a few of my favorite beauty items and accessories. Here are my Favorites from December!

Favorite lipstick : Kiss 'n' go from Avon. This is actually a fairly old lipstick but I've only just found it again so I making up for lost time. Its slightly lighter than my usual lipsticks which is probably why I like it so much. Unfortunately the sticker with the actual colour name has fallen off so I cant say what colour is it but right now its definitely my favorite. 

Favorite item of Jewelry : Studded bracelet from Forever 21. My sister bought me this for Chrstmas and I havent stopped wearing it since. I love gold jewerly and I love how simple this bracelet is. I will deffiantly be wearing this with my NYE outfit!

Favorite Foundation : Osiris BB cream. This was another present from my little sister and she couldnt have got it more right. I've been meaning to get a BB cream for a while now and I'm so glad I got this one. I prefer this to normal foundation as it has a moisturizer already in it and as I generally have dry skin this is perfect for me.

Favorite Perfume : DOT by Marc Jacobs. Okay, this has been a favorite for quite a few months now. I bought this perfume after falling in love with is gorgeous scent and unique bottle design at the airport. It costs more than I would usually spend on a perfume but that just makes it more special. I was also lucky enough to receive another bottle for Christmas off Sean, so I can use it more than I have been.

Favorite Nail varnish : City Colour No. 36 Silver Moon. I bought this gorgeous nail varnish a few weeks ago from Store 21 and I have been in love with it ever since. I love metalics and although I usually prefer gold, this silver top coat is perfect for putting over most other colours and that's why its in my December favorites.

Favorite Shoes : Black Block heels from New Look. I bought these gorgeous heels right at the end of November and although I've only worn them a couple times I'm already smitten. I have several pairs of black heels but these are by far my favorites simply because of the chunky heel. I Will definitely be wearing these beauty's for NYE! 

December Favorites!

Margaret the hamster | My Santa slippers | Christmas nails | Glitter hairspray | Icing mice | Pattern on my NYE dress

Instagram | Week 6

Just a little post with a few photos of Christmas day. I was really lucky this year and got so so much! I even won £20 on a Christmas scratch card a friend gave me! Mom, Dad, and Sean spoilt me rotten with perfume, candles and money ect, and I'm going to put a lot of my Christmas money towards going to Disneyland with Sean this year, but obviously I'll have to have a little spend up in the sales too!

I hope you guys got everything you wanted this year!


Just a quick post to let you all know a winner has been randomly chosen for the giveaway and she has 24 hours to claim her prize! 
Thank you all for entering and keep a look out for the next big giveaway!

Giveaway Update!

Chocolate bear | Elephant mood ring | My little Christmas tree | Me and Sean being lazy | A yummy hot chocolate | Selfieeee | Sean little tree | Cute Vitamin water drink | New nail varnish 

Instagram | Week 5

Just a quick post to let you all know there is only 1 day left to enter my blog giveaway! You have a chance of winning all of this below! For the rules ect just click HERE!
Good Luck!

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Gorgeous Debenhams shoes | My new phone case | Me and Sean | Hannahs birthday meal | My cute mini Christmas tree all decorated | Pink hair dye | Me and Hannah | My glass elephant necklace | Selfieeeee

Instagram | Week 4


Everyone likes to dress up a bit on Christmas evening. I think this dress from Asos is amazingly gorgeous and the shoes would look just perfect with it. Because the dress is so beautiful I decided to keep accessories cute and simple. 

What do you like to wear in Christmas night?

What To Wear | Christmas Night!


You want to look nice but not too dressy for Christmas dinner, save your best dress for the evening! I think This is the perfect smart/casual look to enjoy your Christmas day grub in. The flats could even be swapped for heels or wedges if your going somewhere a little bit more fancy!

Tomorow I'll be posting about what to wear on Christmas night!

What will you wear to Christmas dinner?

What To Wear | To Christmas Dinner!


Lets face it, on Christmas morning when you've just woke up we all want to do is slob about in our PJs for a  few hours while we relax and open presents. I love this gorgeous Disney onesie and think it would be perfect for the big day. You also cant do Christmas without some novelty slippers and a Santa hat!

Tomorrow I'll be posting about what to wear for Christmas dinner!

What do you like to wear Christmas morning?

What To Wear | Christmas Morning!

Pilau rice | selfieeee | Leopard face bracelet | Glitter nails | Kinder egg | Me and Emma on her birthday | Christmas biscuit my sister made | Advent calendar | Another selfieeee

Instagram | Week 3

Both bags River Island £15
Just a really quick post to show of these gorgeous River Island clutch bags. I haven't had time to do a proper weekly wishlist lately but I wanted to make a quick one. I've been after a good clutch bag for over Christmas and these two tick all the boxes. I've been really into metallic's lately (you might have seen my beautiful Zatchels bag last month) and I think especially over Christmas we should all go mad over shiny glittery things! My favorite has to be the purple one on the right, although I think i would struggle to match it with things already in my wardrobe I would definitely give it a good go. Lets just see what Santa brings!

Mini Wishlist | Clutch Edition!

Me, Sean & the cat | New Chelsea boots | Miss Selfridge bracelet | Disaronno on the rocks | New book about Twiggy | new glitter nail varnish | microwavable cat | Selfie! | Popcorn

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