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Dinner at harvester | New passport photos | Testing testers

 I was still really sick at the start of the week. I've honestly never been so ill in my whole life. I had to go back to work on Tuesday for the first time in over a week and its was horrible. Lucky the rest of the week was pretty much mine to do what I wanted.
I decided to try out a few of the samples that I've been hoarding and I think I might make it a feature on here. 
I've been meaning to renew my passport for a while now and on Friday I went to get some new photos taken. I really didn't understand how the machine worked and I ended up pushing the wrong button and printing out the wrong set of pictures. I'm stuck with these for 10 years now haha!

Hope you all had a lovely week! 
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Weekly Roundup | Week 60

So I have hardly any photos from this week, that's mainly because I haven't done anything. I've been really sick since Tuesday and I'm still ill now. Thank god I managed to get a couple of posts done at the start of the week or there would be nothing on my blog. If you follow me on twitter you will know what a miserable bugger I've been as I haven't really stopped moaning on there. Hopefully I'll start to feel better soon and have a more interesting round up for you all next week. 
Hope you all had a lovely week!

Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 59

First attempt at dying my hair purple | A gorgeous sunset on Thursday | Testing out my new W7 pallet | Me and Sean bought tickets to see Box Of Light | Round 2 at going purple | The yummiest milkshake from Caffe Nero

This week was pretty average. I only had 3 shifts at work so I managed to get a lot of bloggy stuff done and a bit of pampering.
Before Christmas I had a go at dying my hair purple, it never really worked and I wanted to try it again. The first time it didn't really take too well, but the second time it came 
out a lot brighter. Its still not how I'd like it but its getting there.
I also had a lot of time to try out all the new beauty items I received for Christmas. I was so lucky to get so many new beauty products, my favorite probably being the Ted Baker gift set from Sean. I have so much stuff to review for you guys so keep a look out!
Yesterday me and Sean took a little trip into town to get some books, new stationary and mascara as I'm desperately running out. I thought I'd try a different mascara this time and I'm sure I'll be reviewing that on here soon too. 

Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 57

New makeup storage from Ikea | My huuuge Ikea elephant | The prettiest bed sheet | A few beauty purchases | NYE | Celebrating New Years with the fish in the Chinese takeaway 

So I started last week with a little trip to Ikea. I love going to Ikea. It just has so much stuff to look at and I genuinely think I could spend the whole day there. I ddintreally buy all that much this unfortunately I was on the hunt for some decent make up storage and picked up these little brandy glasses to keep my brushes, mascaras and eyeliners. I also bought this amazing cuddly elephant. Anyone who knows me knows I'm in love with elephants and this one was in the sale so I couldn't help myself. I really wanted some new bed sheets and after narrowing it down from about 10 that I like, I finally decided on these gorgeous floral ones for £15. I also bought some candles as you cant go to Ikea without picking up some candles. 

The rest of the week has been pretty average apart from Wednesday night. A few of us headed to the pub to celebrate New Years. At about 11 a couple of us sneaked off to the take away to grab some chips and mini spring rolls, which were amazing! I drank more wine than I should have but we had a really great night.

I hope everyone had a fabulous NYE and a lovely week! Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 56

Little Christmas Selfie | I treated my self to a few make up bits | Me and Sean on Christmas | Family photo | Christmas dinner | Our gorgeous table set for Christmas dinner

So I've been pretty absent lately. I wanted a few days to relax over Christmas so I haven't posted or even written any posts for a while. I've gone back to work now as well so managing my blog is going to be a bit tricky, but I'm sure I'll survive.
Last week was obviously Christmas. I had such a lovely day and I was given so many amazing presents. I got pretty much everything I wanted and I couldn't be happier. 
We had a delicious meal cooked by my uncle and spent most of the day at their house drinking and relaxing.
On boxing day me a Sean braved the sales in town. It was way more hassle then it was worth and I wont bother again. 
I had a lovely few days and I was so lucky with all the gifts I received. I might do a 'What I got for Christmas video'. What do you guys think, would you like to see something like that?

Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 55

Me and Hannah at her Birthday meal | Her amazing cake | Me and Sean at the meal | I treated myself to a little book | My meal | My amazing new onesie

So this week my little sister tuned 18. We decided to go for a meal at  a gorgeous Chinese buffet restaurant. We stuffed our faces, drank a few drinks and just had a really good time.
I spoiled her with as many presents as I could afford to buy and she loved them all so it was worth it. 
The rest of the week has been pretty average. I've been working on a lot of blog stuff over the last few days, but its been so hard to get anything done as I've been having so many problems with this laptop. I've only had it two months and it really isn't working properly, so I think it needs to go back. 

Well I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and I'll tell you all about mine next week.
Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 54

Our meals at the Harvester | A gorgeous make up brush I won 

Well last week I obviously forgot to take any photos! I didn't really do all that much, so there wasn't really any reason to take pictures. 
I spent most of the week working and wrapping presents for different people. 
On Thursday it was my moms birthday so we went to The Harvester for the yummiest meal ever. I bought her a new bag which I've kept hidden for weeks.
I was also busy getting a few last minute gifts for my sister who turned 18 today.
 I promise to get some decent photos this week!
Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 53

Gold Glitter Nails | At the Clothes Show Live | My amazing new heeled chelsea boots | In the photobooth | Christmas Handmade Burger | A few new make up bits from the Clothes Show

I don't know if you guys noticed but I skipped week 51. I didn't do anything interesting so I didn't think it was worth boring you all with. I'm thinking of making this a monthly roundup, what do you think?
Anyway last week was also pretty boring until Saturday. Sean had treated us to tickets to the Clothes Show Live. I've wanted to go for so long, and I wasn't disappointed! We shopped and watched the catwalk shows and it was really just amazing. 
I'll be writing all about it in the next week or so and I'm working on a Youtube video about it too, so keep a look out.
While we are talking about Youtube, what do you guys think about me making videos? Would you like it if I made more? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 52

The penguins at London Zoo | Drinks at the Hard Rock | The goat pen | Cutest cupcakes | Me and Sean at my cousins 18th | This months Glossy Box

Sunday was our last day in London and we had such a good time. We went to the zoo and did a bit of shopping on Oxford street before finishing the evening with a few drinks in The Hard Rock Cafe. I still need to edit my London photos but I promise I will write a more detailed post about it soon! 
The rest of the week has been such a drag. I've worked pretty much everyday since so I'm knackered. 
I have a few days off this week so hopefully I can finish my Christmas shopping and go to the German market in town at some point!
Thanks for reading!

Weekly Roundup | Week 50

Amazing silver shoes from Asos | Lady Gaga at the NIA | And her ass | The poppys at the Tower of London | London Bridge underground | Date night dinner | Me and Sean at Tower Bridge | Westminster at night | Tower Bridge 

So this week was pretty boring until Thursday. On Wednesday me and my sister managed to get hold of two tickets to see Gaga Thursday evening. She was amazing and we had such a great night. The next day was my dads Birthday. We went for a lovely curry and had a few drinks before heading back so me and Sean could pack for London. 
This weekend me and Sean celebrated being together for two years and decided to take a little trip to our favorite city. We caught the coach to London early saturday morning to do a bit of sightseeing and shopping. I'll post all the photos from this weekend in a few days and write a bit about what we did! 
Thanks for reading! 

Weekly Roundup | Week 49

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