I'm a big fan of dry shampoo; I don't have time to wash my hair everyday and even if I did I still wouldn't because I wan't my hair to stay reasonably healthy. So with not washing my hair all the time, it does occasionally get a little bit greasy at the roots and I can't be leaving the house like that. To avoid looking gross I fill my hair with dry shampoo every couple of days but it's this particular Superdrug dry shampoo that I want to tell you all about today.

I picked this up last month on a bit of a whim as it was buy one get one free and it was only £1.99 to start with. Bargain. It's currently on special offer at 98p per can which works out the same. So I picked this one and a tropical scented one which does the job pretty well. Now as much as this is great for keeping those greasy roots at bay it's also marketed as a volumising dry shampoo and I love puffy hair so I just had to test it out.

It's not very often I fall head over heels for such a budget product, but for real you all need to run out and get this! With just spritzing in a minimal amount of product on my roots, my hair appeared to literally multiply. Now regardless of whether or not I have greasy hair, I pretty much always use this before leaving the house as I just love how thick it makes my hair look.

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A little word of warning, I would try to us this quite sparingly as if I use too much my hair feels incredibly thick with product and it can end up quite hard to style. I would also only use this on my roots as it can look quite drying on the ends of my hair.

So would I buy this product again? Hell yes and I think you should all buy it too. For less than £1 I can virtually double the thickness of my hair and I'm pretty happy with that!

What do you use to volumise your hair? 

Thanks for reading!

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Okay so I'm a pretty recent convert to the beauty blender. I've been in love with my Real Techniques Expect Face Brush for longer than I would like to admit but there are just some things it can't do. It's not fab with concealer, however I'd heard about an egg shaped spongey thing that is.

Now I think the original Beauty Blender is expensive, but I was determined to eventually try one out so I went on a mission to pick up a cheap one. I'd seen various brands selling beauty blenders but I was really after a smaller version and thats when I came across these babies.

This 4 pack of mini beauty blenders can be found in Primark at the bargain price of £2.50! That means each individual blender costs just 63p, I know it's ridiculous! I haven't seen anything else like this for less than a fiver and although I don't have anything to compare it too, I'm pretty sure they are all the same.

Now because these teeny blenders are so small they are great to use with concealer and foundation in awkward places such as under my eyes and the creases either side of my nose. I don't use liquid foundation but I do use concealer on the regular and found that using one of these really allows me to build it up in certain areas especially when I have angry spots, which I do quite often lately thanks to Uni stress. I don't recommend these little blenders for doing a full face of foundation however as they are just so small it would take forever to finish your makeup. 

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So yeah, these are the absolute bargain 63p beauty blenders you should all run out and buy right now! I've seen them in various Primark stores in the UK so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them.

Do you have any bargain beauty products that you can't live without? I'd love to hear about them!

Thanks for reading!


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So I've tried and tested a fair few beauty products in my time but nothing gets as rigorously tested as the mascaras I buy. I have very short lashes and teeny tiny eyes so most days I rely on a good mascara to give me a boost in confidence. Today, despite the slightly misleading photograph, I'm going to talk about just two of the best mascaras I've ever used!

Too Faced Better Than Sex - I've talked about this before and I'll no doubt talk about it again. This absolute beauty of a product was a complete impulse buy whilst I was on holiday last year. I opted for the travel sized version as it was half the price of the regular size and I've never looked back.

The Better Than Sex Mascara is a little bit pricey, coming in at £19 for just 8g of product however, I do find this lasts a while. I know you should replace a mascara every 3 months blah blah whatever but I got a good 6 months out of my travel sized version. 

I've written a full review of this baby before so you can read that here, but the main things I love about this product is; the solution - quite thick but not at all clumpy, the brush bristles which really fan out my lashes, and the cute pink packaging. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational - I don't think I've ever done a full review of this product before but it sure as hell deserves one. I've been using this mascara ever since someone pointed out that its basically a dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash - another fab mascara that didn't quite make it into my top two. It virtually does the same job but at a much cheaper price.

Whereas the Roller Lash is a pretty pricey £19.50 this little beauty retails at just £7.99 saving you over £10 to spend on more beauty goodies. In all honesty this is the best budget mascara I've ever used and I'm really surprised more people don't rave about it. 

To sum this product up, the solution is fab and only improves once it dries out a little, the brush really lifts and curls your lashes however it doesn't fan them out, and the price is just fantastic. This product delivers high end quality at a fraction of what you would usually pay. 

These products are honestly the best mascaras I've ever tried, and believe me I've got through a few. Although you can't really compare the two as they do different things, for me Better Than Sex Takes the gold here as it gives me an effortless false lash effect. If you're on a budget however, you really can't go wrong with Lash Sensational.

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Have you tried any of these products before? I've love to hear about your favourite mascara!

Thanks for reading!

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Another wishlist, I know what am I like? But its been forever since I put together a beauty wishlist and there's just so many products I've been dying to get my hands on lately. Unfortunatly my poor student status hasn't allowed me to do a lot of shopping so I've been left dreaming and putting together lists of things I wish I could afford...

Nail Varnish

Seriously, I need to get my hands on some of this stuff! For now though, it's back to scrimping and saving until my student finance comes in hahaha kill me.

I'd love to know if you like the way I've been laying out my wishlists lately? Giving everything its own section instead of one massive list of products? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome back to another edition of High End Vs Budget; today we are going to be discussing Liquid Lipsticks! For this months post me and Amanda have switched roles! She will be talking about a high end product and I will be focussing on a more budget friendly version. 

When Amanda first proposed that this months post be all about liquid lipsticks I wasn't sure. I hadn't got on with many in the past and I sure as hell didn't have any high end products to talk about. Amanda on the other hand is a liquid lipstick queen, that girl has every shade imaginable so we though it only fair that we switch it up and give her a chance to talk about one of her favourite products.

As I previously said, most of the liquid lipsticks I'd tried in the past just didn't suit me. If they didn't rub off within minutes they lasted for hours to only look patchy and uneven later down the line. There is however one lippy that I do quite like. The Matte Me liquid lipstick by Sleek has been the only liquid lipstick that I've ever really enjoyed using. I have it in shade Birthday Suit which is pretty similar in colour to Mac's Faux lipstick.

This product is incredibly budget friendly, coming in at just £4.99. Considering I usually pay around £14-15 for my lipsticks, I'm pretty happy with this kind of price. I don't think the packaging looks particularly cheap either which is always a bonus. 

The solution itself is a good consistency, it's quite thick but not thick enough that it takes days to dry. Although it does take longer than I would sometimes like, its not as bad as others I have previously used. Once applied and dried I think the product lasts a good amount of time on my lips. I have eaten and drank with this lipstick on before and by the end of my meal I've still got pretty pink lips. It doesn't come of in patches either which I've found with others I've tried in the past. 

My only real issue with this lippy is the applicator. It's a long straight applicator unlike any I've used in the past and it makes it quite tricky to apply the product. If it was rounded at the end I wouldn't find myself accidently overdrawing my lips every time I use it.

Overall its a pretty decent product. It lasts quite a while on my lips and the price is great for the quality you receive. Although I will always choose regular lipsticks over liquid versions, this is the best liquid lipstick I've used so far!

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Now don't forget to click here to head over to Amanda's blog to read all about her chosen high end liquid lipstick! You can also catch up on both of our previous posts, mine is here and Amanda's is here.

Do you have a favourite Liquid Lipstick?

Thanks for reading!

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So this product has been in my 'to use' pile for quite some time now. I've been meaning to test it out for ages but I finally got around to opening it a few weeks back and I've been using it on and off since.

About the product

The Night-Time Facial is an anti-aging product that claims to 'boost cell vitality whilst delivering luscious moisture'. The treatment should leave your skin soft, smooth, and moisturised with visibly reduced fine lines. So does it work? As I'm still fairly young I can't really judge its anti-wrinkle claims however I can put the rest of it to the test. 

Does it work?

I had been very excited to try this product out, its not everyday I get to trial high end skincare even if it is sample size. I have noticed though that sometimes when I'm overly keen to try out something new I think I end up brainwashing myself into believing its amazing, even when its not, but this was not the case with this facial at all.

I don't think I've ever been so indifferent to a product before. Yes it's slightly moisturising and maybe my skin felt a little bit softer than it did the night before but the changes were so slight I could barely notice them. For a product that almost burns when it seeps into the skin I expected much more obvious results.


The Night-Time Facial retails at roughly £30 for a 40ml tube. I'm sorry but at that kind of price and for those kind of results I'm going to stick to cleansing my face well and applying a good moisturiser. I'm not sure how anyone could justify that kind of cash on an okay product.

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What did I think?

Its not a bad product but its not a good one either. Maybe I didn't use it regularly enough or maybe it just didn't work with my skin type but I really don't think I'd be buying it again.

I hate writing negative product reviews but sometimes things just don't live up to my expectations and as a beauty blogger its kind of up to me to talk about the good and the bad equally. 

I've love to know if you've tried this product before. Let me know if you got on with it better than me!

Thanks for reading!

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I've been such a bad beauty blogger recently - I honestly have boxes and boxes of products to review but I am slowly getting around to it. Today I thought I'd talk about a Weleda Sensitive Skin Hand Cream* I was gifted quite some time ago.

About The Product
This almond scented cream is pH balanced and contains organic almond oil. It claims to be fast absorbing and can help calm and moisturise sensitive skin that is prone to irritation. As you probably all know I have really bad eczema on my hands so I'm a prime candidate for this kind of product.

This product retails at around £10 for a 50ml tube. This is more than I would usually pay for a moisturiser and I'm not sure if I would pay this again, but considering the quality of the cream I don't think the price is too outrageous. 

Does It Work?
After I had been using the cream for a couple of days I did notice quite a significant improvement in the dryness of my hands. It also helped ease off the tightness my skin feels especially during the colder months when my hands are usually at their driest. I don't think the cream is particularly fast absorbing though, not that this bothers me in the slightest but it's worth knowing if you're considering using the cream in between doing things. 

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My Verdict
So what do I think of this product? Well honestly I've been getting on really well with it. It moisturises my hands and it does leaving them feeling very soft. My favourite thing about this product though is the scent. It smells like I'm smothering Disaronno or Cherry Bakewells into my skin - that doesn't actually sound too appealing but believe me the smell is just beautiful. Even though the cream comes with quite a strong scent, I don't feel that this irritates my skin at all like some other scented products do.

Do you have a favourite hand cream? I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading

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* This post contains gifted items, however all opinions are my own.


I'm back with another High End vs Budget post! These are fast becoming some of my favourite posts to write even though I'm running out of products to talk about. This week me and Amanda will be chatting all about eyeshadow singles... 

I don't have many eyeshadow singles, I mostly stick to my big palettes, so when it came to writing this months post I only had a few to choose from. In the end I opted to review a little MAC single I've had for quite a while but never used all that much. This post gave me a reason to really trial it out!

About the product

The MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in shade 'Ready to Party' is described as a hybrid product on the MAC website. It 'combines the smoothness of a cream, the blendability of a liquid and the finish of a powder. It also claims to be crease proof, fade proof, flake proof and long lasting with up to 6 hours wear.


So as always lets talk about the price. This eyeshadow retails at £16 which is absolutely extortionate in my opinion. I can't remember paying anywhere near that amount and I probably didn't as I picked it up in my favourite place - Duty Free. For a regular eyeshadow single I'd only really be prepared to pay up to £10, so this is really pushing the boat out. 

Does it work?

I can definitely vouch for the silky smooth texture of this eye shadow, it feels almost creamy to the touch. It's probably due to this texture that the eyeshadow is crease proof and flake proof - both claims I can confirm to be true. I'm not so sold on the claim that it is long lasting though. The MAC website states that the eyeshadow lasts for six hours, and it probably does but just about, and even then I don't think six hours is particularly long for a £16 eyeshadow.

What do I think?

Honestly I really like this little product. It's a handy size to keep in a handbag and the colour pay off is quite good as well. I love the texture and I don't feel like it's drying on my eyes like some other eyeshadows can be. I do think the price is a bit ridiculous though so I wouldn't purchase it again. I also think it's worth mentioning that to get the most out of this eyeshadow you should really pat it on with your fingers, brushes just won't give you the same effect.

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So that was my chosen 'high end' eyeshadow, don't forget to click here to see Amanda's blog post about her chosen budget eyeshadow single! If you fancy catching up on our previous posts, you can find mine here and Amanda's here!

Have you tried any of the MAC eyeshadows before? What did you think?

Thanks for reading


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