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So I am finally back with another outfit post! It feels like forever since I posted an OOTD which is a shame really because I really love dressing up and prancing around in front of the camera. I still find it super awkward to pose in public though, not going to lie.

I've actually used my new camera for these photos which is why the quality isn't as good as usual but if I'm honest I was out for the day and I just couldn't be bothered to lug my big DSLR around with me. I know the photographs will never be as good using this new little camera but my old lady back just can't handle the weight of my other camera anymore. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will try my best to create them more often!

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So I managed to drag Sean out of the house on a very cold Sunday afternoon to take some outfit pics for me. I'm not going to lie, it was literally freezing when we snapped these photos; you can even just about see the ice forming on the canal. Regardless of the cold I'm so glad we got out to enjoy the sun, I know we won't be seeing a lot of it over the next few months!

So this is the outfit I actually wore to The Clothes Show last Saturday. As always I was driving myself mad trying to think about what I was going to wear. I wanted to be comfy but at the same time it's The Clothes Show, you have to dress half decent, especially as this year I was given a press pass. Believe me I almost cried when I got the email!

I settled on my new favourite coat from Dorothy Perkins, £60 down to £27 in the sale. I paired that with a slightly oversized pink turtleneck from H&M and my very well loved black Asos jeggings. I also chose to wear the most beautiful pair of boots you have ever seen in your life. They may be pretty but honestly after a few hours of trotting around the NEC they almost destroyed my feet. Turns out I'd managed to leave some of the packaging inside (don't ask) which rubbed my little toes until they were sore.

To top the whole thing off I chose my fave statement necklace from Primark and my new Vivienne Westwood bracelet. Before buying it I was a little apprehensive about forking out that much for one piece of jewellery, I mean it's not even silver, but truth be told I've already gotten that much wear out of it I'm considering going back for the matching earrings. I'll try and link everything or a similar alternative down below.

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I absolutely loved shooting these so I hope you guys enjoyed looking at them.  I say this at the end of pretty much anything I create now but I'm really hoping to do more of this and I'd love to hear some feedback/ constructive criticism!

Did any of you manage to get down to The Clothes Show last week?

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I know it's been forever since I did an outfit post, but honestly they are so much effort! Well I finally got around to taking some with help from Sean and even though I'm not really loving them, I thought I might as well post it anyway.

Do you guys love my really jazzy arm splint by the way? I was 5 weeks into having a broken hand when these photos were taken and it was driving me mad. I could barley do anything for myself and I hadn't been able to do my makeup properly either which was super sad because I bought the Naked 3 Palette just before my accident - review coming soooooon!

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So let's give you a little run down of this outfit. I'm really loving wearing dark colours lately, its just so much easier to style black clothes! On my top I'm wearing this gorgeous over sized blouse top from Monki. It's been my go to 'nice top' for weeks now and I don't think I will get tired of it any time soon.

I've paired that up with a pair of basic black Asos jeggings and some pretty little ghillie flats from Primark. I've been after some shoes like this for ages and when I saw these little beauties for just £8 I had to have them. I'm also wearing a black tattoo choker and some sunnies from River Island but you can't really see those here.

Would you guys like to see more OOTD posts?

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OOTD | All Black

Green Top from H&M (Similar Here)  |  Black Jeans from Matalan (Here)  |  New Balence Trainers from Asos (Similar Here)  |  Zatchels Bag (Similar Here)

Sunday was such a gorgeous day, it was really sunny and fairly warm too. Me and Sean decided to go for a walk around one of our local lakes as the weather was so nice! We used to walk a lot last summer, especially along the canals near my house but we haven't really been since Autumn as its just been so cold. 

So this is what I wore for our little adventure. I've been trying (and usually failing) to style these black New Balance trainers up for months now but I finally think I've found something that works. They are super comfy and they weren't the cheapest either so I really want to start getting more use out of them.

The rest of my outfit was pretty basic. I picked this green top up a few weeks back from H&M, it was only £8 and I knew I could style it up with lots so got 2 more in black and burnt orange! The silver messenger bag is one of my absolute favourites and I'm sure its made an appearance on my blog before. Although I can't find the exact colour on the website anymore I have linked a slightly shimmery black shade for you guys. 

I'd really like to get your opinions on the trainer situation. Do they work with this outfit? What else would you wear them with?

Thanks for reading!


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OOTD | Earlswood

Jumper from Wallis (Similar Here) | Black Jeans from Matalan (Here) | Silver Necklace from Primark (Similar Here) | Black Flats from Primark (Similar Here)

So I finally got around to taking some more outfit photos. I seem to be wearing a lot of black lately. Maybe its because I'm channeling my inner 14 year old or maybe its because I find it easier to do one black wash a week. I think we all know its the second reason but either way I'm really into this look. 

I picked up this burglar jumper last week from Wallis, its not usually somewhere I would shop but where I live theres a store that stocks, Wallis, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge all in under one roof. It was a little sale buy and even though I definitely look like I'm about to break into someones house and steal their TV its super comfy so I'm going to wear it lots.

Are you loving the Burglar Chic look?

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White Shirt FromMango (Similar Here)  | Black Skater Skirt From Asos (Here)  | Black Ballet Flats From Asos (Similar Here)  | Choker from Neck On The Line (Here)

Ah my first outfit post of 2016! So I wouldn't say this outfit is particularly inspiring but its a cute little combo I wore for NYE and a couple of other occasions. I feel like I'm wearing my school uniform again in this outfit but its really girly too so I like it.

I'm not usually very dressy and lately I don't really have the money to be buying party dress's so I've been trying to get into the habit of buying clothes I can mix with things already in my wardrobe. I think this skirt is the perfect example of a really versatile piece that can be mixed up, dressed up or worn casually. 

The shoes are from Asos last year and the shirt is one of my all time faves from Mango. It cost me about £18 around 2 years ago and I've gotten so much wear out of it! The coat is another older piece I picked up from BHS last year and although I only wore it to keep me warm I think it goes really well with the overall outfit. Andddd lets ignore my roots.

Thanks for reading!


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OOTD | Uniform

 Dress From New Look - (Here) | Choker from Neck On The Line - (Here) | Shoes From Primark - (Similar)| Sunglasses From Amsterdam Market - (Similar)

I'm not going to lie, I didn't plan on actually posting these pictures. I'm not over the moon with how they turned out but this outfit has been my 'go to' for pretty much everything lately and my new puppy is in one of the shots so I thought I might as well share them. 

I think this is the first outfit post I've written since my hair has been purple. Its been a weird pinky/ purple mix on and off for a couple off months now but this is probably the darkest its ever been. I really love the shade and I actually think it goes well with this outfit and most of my other black outfits too.

I picked this dress up a few weeks back for the Clothes Show. I originally paired it up with a black cape and floppy hat and although I loved the look, I kind of felt like a witch so I kept it simple for this OOTD. 

I really love the fit of this dress and I really want to stock up on some more shirt dresses over the next couple of months as I think they are so easy to wear and super versatile!

What do you think of this outfit?

Thanks for reading!


OOTD | Grid

Blue Kimono from Peacocks (Here) 
Gold Jelly Shoes from Primark (Similar Here) 
Casio Style Watch from Ebay (Similar Here) 
White Playsuit from Primark (Similar Here)
White Belt from Ebay (Similar Here) 

You might remember this little kimono from an OOTD I posted a few weeks ago. It can be styled in so many different ways with so many different pieces, I cant stop wearing it. I decided to pair it up with a gorgeous playsuit I bought from Primark a few weeks ago. I originally saw it when I went shopping in Gloucester but I didn't have time to try it on so I left it and hoped it would appear in my local store. Well I finally tracked it down and I'm in love with it. The neckline is a little higher than I would like meaning I cant really wear a necklace but I don't mind too much as it has some beautiful embroidery to make up for it. I'm also wearing my new gold jelly shoes from Primark which were only £4! My beloved silver jelly shoes finally died and so I have replaced them with these. On my wrist I'm wearing a dirt cheap Casio style watch from Ebay, I also have this in silver and you can usually find me wearing one or the other. 

I'd love to know what you think of this little OOTD!

Thanks for reading!


OOTD | White Playsuit

Denim Jacket from Primark (Similar Here)
Floral Peplum Top from Forever 21 (Similar Here)
White Trainers from New Look (Here) 
Jeggings from Marks & Spencer (Similar Here)
Statement Necklace from New Look (Here)
Sunglasses from River Island (Similar Here) 

This is an outfit I just kind of thew together one day to go shopping. I wanted to wear something comfy and casual and I really wanted to wear my new denim jacket. I'd been on the hunt for a well fitting denim jacket for a while but all the nice ones seemed for be around £30 and honestly I didn't want to pay that much for an item I wasn't sure I would wear a lot. I stumbled across this little beauty in Primark for just £14 and I knew it had to be mine.I think it fits really well and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it this summer, I've even been thinking about getting some cute patches for it. 

I decided to style it up with an old floral peplum top from forever 21 and a pair of light denim jeggings. I'm also wearing my new favorite statement necklace from New Look that you can't see too well in the photos. I never really thought I would be able to pull off the 'double denim' thing but I really liked the outfit so I just went with it. I popped on my cheap New Look Converse style trainers and I was ready to go!

What do you think of double denim? Did I pull it off or should I stop living in a dream world?

Thanks for reading!


OOTD | Double Denim

Blue Kimono - Here
Blue Shorts - Here
White Scalloped Top - Similar Here
Silver Statement Necklace - Here
Silver Jelly Shoes - Similar Here

I finally managed to take some outfit photos! This is a little outfit I wore to the Super Spa Cinema event on Sunday. If you've read that post you will know we watched Jaws and the whole event had a summer beach party vibe to it so I wanted to dress accordingly. I braved our British weather and got the (very pale) legs out.

I picked up this gorgeous two piece last week and it was a complete impulse buy! I popped into Peacocks which I don't do very often just to browse and came across quite a few little matching sets. You can also buy this print in two types of trousers and a long kimono but I went for the shorter kimono and these high-waisted shorts. Its such a comfortable little combo and I can see myself getting so much wear out of the two items! Oh and did I mention they came to just £20 together!

The necklace was also another impulse buy from last week. New Look had a buy one get one free on their jewellery so I came away with that and another little beauty that you might have seen on my Instagram. You can't see the necklace in too much detail here unfortunately but it is such a gorgeous statement piece and an absolute must have for anyone who loves festival style.

I've love to hear what you guys think of my new favorite outfit!

Thanks for reading!


OOTD | Blue Two Piece

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