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A few nights ago me and Sean decided to go for a meal at the Brindley Place Handmade Burger Co. We've been to the ones in the Bullring and Solihull several times and it has become one of our favorite places to eat. We usually get very good service and our meals are always cooked to perfection, so when Sean suggested we go out for dinner, I decided to bring along my camera and review our first time eating at the Brindley Place restaurant.

Price - Handmade Burger isn't the cheapest place to eat out in Birmingham; many pubs do two meals for £10 or a beer and a burger for a fiver, but it's worth it. The burgers average out at about £9 or £10 each depending on what you order and the chips are set at £3.25 each. The drinks however are a very good deal, for £2.70 you can order a 'bottomless' drink that you can refill as many times as you like. I've never drank alcohol here but they only serve beer and wine which tends to be quite pricey. One thing we discovered, unfortunately after we had paid, was that they do a 15% student discount which is doubled to 30% on Mondays!
Service - When we arrived we were seated straight away, near the window as I requested so that we could look out over the canal and watch the boats. After ordering, our food took a little longer that usual to arrive, this could have been due to the burgers we ordered as they weren't made using the regular beef. Once we had finished we pilled all the plates into the middle but it took a very long time for them to be cleared away. This is very usual for Handmade Burger especially as we went on a Sunday night and there were only a handful of customers. Me and Sean both agreed that the staff in the Bullring and the Solihull restaurants are a lot more friendly.

Food/ Drink Quality - Overall the food and drink quality was amazing as usual. The ingredients are always fresh and cooked perfectly. Me and Sean decided to try a 'Jimmy's Farm' burger; the beef is from rare breed, free range beef that has been matured  for 3 weeks. This type of burger is priced at £9.95 and tastes amazing; the caramelized onion is a yummy added bonus. Our burgers were topped with smoked bacon and a gorgeous cheese, both of which only enhanced the overall taste. As usual we had a bowl of onion rings which are the best onion rings ever, the are so sweet and fluffy. I didn't think the chips were as nice as usual but Sean loved his.

Cleanliness - I couldn't fault the cleanliness of the restaurant. The tables, floor and drink area were spotless. I hate being seated in a restaurant to find that my table is still sticky but that wasn't the case here. Unfortunately a little trip to the ladies room ruined all of that. The bins hadn't been emptied and were overloading, as for the stalls, they were just a bit messy. Sean said the men's were perfectly fine.     
Location - Handmade Burger Brindley Place is very central, located just off Broad Street and virtually opposite the ICC. It s very easy to get to as there are many bus stops and taxi ranks near by, it's also about a 15 minute walk from the Bullring. It over looks one of Birmingham's busy canals, which I imagine would be lovely in the summer with the doors open. It is also surrounded by many other bars and restaurants as well as being virtually right next to Birmingham's famous Broad Street.

Overall I really enjoyed my meal and wouldn't hesitate to order one of their 'Jimmy's Farm' burgers again. I always love eating at Handmade Burger and although there were a few things that weren't perfect about that night, it didn't put me off dinning there again. I would rate the overall experience ☆1/2.

I hope your enjoyed reading this restaurant review, I want to start doing this sort of thing more regularly on the blog. I've love to know if you guys have ever eaten at a Handmade Burger Co. What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

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