Glossy Box | December

I was really disappointed by last months box. If you read my last post about you will know how close I was to unsubscribing, but I wanted to wait for this box. I was expecting it to be really festive and full of Christmas inspired products. The box has a pretty winter theme but the products don't and I was kind of sad about that. I'm still unsure about this box, but let me run you through what I got...

TRESemme Renewal Nourish and Renew Tonic - I love TRESemme products. I swear by their heat protection and their conditioners always leave my hair feeling healthy. I've never seen this product before but I have no doubt it will work miracles. My only concern is that its a leave it treatment that you don't rinse off. As I don't love the 'I haven't washed my hair for 12 days' look, I'll probably use this before bed and rinse it off in the morning. I'm excited to try this out and I'm sure I will review it for you guys.

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish - I've featured a few Essence products on my blog and I've always had good things to say. I haven't actually tried their nail varnish's yet, despite owning quite a few. Essence products are dead cheap and I've always found them really good. I'm excited to try this nail varnish out over Christmas as its a gorgeous deep red shade that's perfect for the festive season.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain - I've never tried a lip stain before. I love my lipsticks so any other lip products don't usually get a look in. That being said I am looking forward to trying something new. I've always seen good reviews about lip and cheek stains so I have high hopes for this product. I think it will come in handy when the weather gets really cold and my lips start to crack.

SkinPep Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum - The name of this treatment sounds terrifying to me. I don't know about anyone else but the thought of putting acid on my face doesn't sound hugely appealing. This hypo allergenic, alcohol free serum is meant to leave your skin hydrated and glowing. I can never say so to a decent face cream, even if the name is a little bit scary. I'll let you know if it burns my face off. 

Anatomicals Zap Zap Zap Spot Stick - I'm quite lucky in that I rarely get spots. I think it might be a genetic thing as my sister has clear skin too. The week I received this glossy box the biggest, ugliest monster of a spot appeared slap bang in the middle of my forehead. So I used this day and night like it says to get rid of this thing and I cant say I noticed too much happening. I don't think the spot went away any quicker than it would usually although it did stop it drying up and leaving a scab like they normally do. 

So that was this months Glossy Box, I'm sure I will use all of the products I have received. 
Don't forgot to check back for the reviews! 

Thanks for reading!

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