What I Bought | Holiday Haul

Shoes Store 21 £8.99 | Glass bracelets a shop in Brighton £1 each | Flamingo wind chime Evolution sale £1 | Sun wind chime Evolution £1 | Lantern from a shop in Bognor £1.79 | Shell bracelet from a shop in Bognor £1 | Elephant from Butlins £5 | Shell wind chime from a shop in Bognor £2.99 | Moon wind chime Evolution £1

I wanted to show you all what I bought while I was on holiday in Bognor Regis last week. I got some absolute bargains while I was in  Brighton, the best probably being the glass wind chimes for £1 each! I'm going to love hanging all of these from my ceiling when I've finished decorating my room. I'm also in love with the two glass bead bracelets I bought form a little seafront shop in Brighton. They were only £1 each too.
I wanted to shop so much more than I did but we really didn't have enough time, so I'll have to save up and get myself back down to Brighton town!

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