Blogmas today was honestly going to be canceled. I'm just running out of time, effort, and ideas if I'm frank with you guys. I've been working a lot lately and when I'm not working I've been trying to do a thousand other things. Working in retail this time of year is not fun, believe me. 

I didn't want to miss a post, after all this is the first year I've ever been able to actualy do blogmas and I really didn't want to let myself down. I'm honestly quite proud of myself for keeping it up for this long and I don't want to just throw that all away because I'm having a lazy unproductive day.

Days like this seem to be more and more common lately. I'm just really really tired all the time. My anxiety levels are at a ridiculous high and if I'm truthful I'm really struggling at the moment. I feel worried all the time. I've got a constant feeling of dread hanging over me, and I just feel like I've done something wrong even though I know I haven't. I'm really trying to keep my head above water but its just getting harder and harder. 

Christmas doesn't help either. I love Christmas. Its such a fun time of year but between the stress of getting everything sorted and worrying about how I'm going to pay for things, I don't have a lot of time to just relax. I'm really hoping my few days off over the xmas period helps. A few days to just not think about anything, to just enjoy myself and being around the people I like the most.

Regular blogmas posts will continue tomorrow I promise. I'm sorry for such a negative post today but I'm just really feeling a bit meh, and I just wanted to have a little rant. Getting it all out does feel good sometimes...

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Sean bought me the Kat Von D Alchemist Palette ages ago. I mean literally months ago. I didn't want to use it properly until I created some content around it and now I've finally done just that! Here are some swatches and my initial thoughts about this incredible hyped up highlight palette!

Thanks for watching!

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So you've left Christmas shopping until the very last minute? Well don't worry, I've popped together a handy little gift guide of things for him and for her. But its all online I hear you say! Well you can nip out to the shops and buy these things, or you can simply order using next day delivery and have your presents in time for Christmas! You can thank me later.

- For Her -
- For Him -
Happy Christmas shopping!

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I finally managed to get myself down to the German market in town this week. Its only up for another few days and I just had to have a wander around even though I never really buy anything from there. I met up with a couple of old school friends to have a little browse and enjoy a Bratworst or three.

I did search high and low for a hotdog stand that sold something mildly apatising but honestly this year nothing looked that good. Between sausages that were being cut in half to fit in the tiny buns, and metre long pencil width sausages, I just really didn't fancy anything. I settled for a Gregs and went home to my warm cosy bed.

As much as I usually enjoy wandering around the Christmas German Market, I just didn't feel it had the same charm this year. Maybe it was because it was a Monday night, but there was no atmosphere this time around, and I'll probably give it a miss next year too unless they add something exciting.

What did you think of the German Market this year? Am I being a miserable cow or was it just a bit shite?
Thanks for reading!

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Today's post is suuuper late but honestly, between work and creating content for my little blog, I have literally had no time. Today I thought I would share some horrendously bad quality photos from my little sisters 21st birthday meal on Sunday night. I did take my camera out with me but I had a few issues with my memory card so I only have these, no so great, IPhone photos. 

We went to Miller & Carters for her meal and it was honestly delicious. I'm not a big meat eater, and steak definitely isn't for me so I played it safe with a burger, but it was the tastiest burger I have had in a really long time. Its not a cheap restaurant to eat at but you can see that the ingredients are good quality and I know all of us thoroughly enjoyed our dinner.

I think Hannah had a really nice time too. She spent her actual birthday in Disneyland (without me, the bitch) so that was like the main event for her but I'm glad we all got to do something nice with her for her 21st too. She also had the most amazing Beauty & the Beast inspired cake that I am also super jealous of.

Thanks for reading!

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Leaving Christmas shopping a bit late this year? Me too if I'm honest. But don't worry, if you have a beauty lover in your life because I have put together an absolute monster of a gift guide for those who love makeup, skincare, haircare and more! As always I've popped the gifts into three price ranges so there is something for everyones budget.

- Gifts £50 & Over -

- Gifts Between £20 & £50 -

- Gifts Under £20 -

Thanks for reading!

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I know a lot of you have probably bought most of your Christmas presents by now but if you are looking to put something a bit different under the tree this year, check some of these shops out. I've popped together a little list of three of my favourite independent online shops that I think you should all support over the festive season!

Have you been shopping independently recently? I'd love to hear all about your favourite shops. Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter! Have a fab day, and don't forget to shop independent whenever you can! 

Thanks for reading!

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After playing around in the snow all day Sean and I decided it was about time to give our room a festive vibe. We are well into the Christmas season now and despite the rest of my house being fully decorated, we just hadn't got around to doing our bedroom up! Heres a little vid of us jazzing up our room with a bit of a room tour thrown in the mix too. Enjoy!

Thanks for watching!

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Another day another gift guide. Todays Blogmas post is all about picking the perfect present if you are taking part in Secret Santa! Most of the time Secret Santa gifts are meant to be pretty budget friendly so all of my picks are £10 and under. There are also gifts for every type of person here, so even the hardest people to buy for wont be left out this Christmas.                 
Thanks for reading!

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If you are a beauty lover like me, you probably have more makeup than you would happily admit. I know I have a hell of a lot, and most of it comes in the form of eyeshadow. It's no secret that I like a well made up eye but my collection of palettes is getting a bit out of control now; I have a whole drawer full! 

So when I set my heart on the new Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette I was faced with a bit of a dilemma: I needed this gorgeous selection of Lilacs and Violets in my life, but I didn't really have the money or the space for yet another set of eyeshadows. Or did I?

There was no way to get these shades out of my head. I needed purple eyeshadows in my life. No other palette I possess has such gorgeous purple hues, and now I can't live without them. How do I own these colours without forking out a shed load of cash or taking up yet more room in my makeup drawer? Easy, I'll make my own palette.

As someone who buys eyeshadow singles to fill the gaps in her eyeshadow colour collection, I know there is no where else that stocks such a range of shades that MAC does. So off I went, with my strict budget and ideal shades in mind to fulfil all of my eyeshadow dreams.

MAC eyeshadows aren't cheap, they start at £13 each, but when bought with an empty palette they go down to just £10. Okay, I know that still isn't mega budget friendly, but it's a lot better, especially if you plan to buy quite a few. I just wanted two. I spent a ridiculous amount of time picking my colours as there really is a massive selection, but I eventually found two I fell in love with. The shades I chose are Parfait Amour (left) and Satellite Dreams (right). The singles fit nicely into a very compact double palette which is quite moderately priced at just £4. The case is magnetic which means your singles wont fall out and its also reusable.

The total for my new personalised palette was £24. Its deffinitley not the cheapest way to buy eyeshadow but I've always found MAC to be incredibly high quality, plus by choosing all of my own shades, I know I will get use out of ALL of them unlike other pricey palettes I've bought in the past (Naked 3, I'm looking at you).

I'm super happy with my teeny-tiny palette. I can take it on the go with me and replace my shades at any time I like. I'd recommend picking out your own colours if you are a big makeup fan because there will always be gaps in your collection if you stick to just buying the popular palettes. I also think it would make a fab gift to buy someone an empty palette and a gift card so they can go wild and make their own perfect palette.

Have you ever made your own palette before?

Thanks for reading!

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