1. Top New Look £8 | 2. Shoes Peackocks £12 | 3. Sunglasses River Island via Asos £9.50 | 4. Dress Asos £24 | Shoes New Look £8 | Chain Peacocks £4

These are just a couple things I've bought over the last week or so. I haven't really been buying all that much lately which is good really. This will probably be the last post like this for a while as I really need to start saving my pennies. I should probably start a saving challenge like I've seen other bloggers do, then maybe I cant afford another little holiday soon :)

What I Bought | 28.5.14

As you might already know, tomorrow I'm jetting off to the lovely land of Turkey for a week. I'm really really excited as its my first beach holiday this year. I'll be staying at a little resort in Sarigerme and I've never been before so I cant wait to see what its like. I've been a busy bee scheduling lots of posts for when I'm away, so you'll have something to read until I get back. Hopefully I can steal a bit of WIFI while I'm there so I can keep instagram updated! You can follow my instagram HERE.
See you all when I get back!

Here I Go Again

New Kimono | My favorite jewellery | New shoooeeesss | A wild Friday night playing twister | New Hair products | Where I will be on Wednesday!! | new silver chain | A cheeky game of monopoly | a little selfie

Instagram | Week 27

I wanted to introduce you all to a little jewellery store called Black Tied. They are an independent jewellery store based in Ireland and they stock all sorts of gorgeous good quality and unique pieces. A lot of their items can be customized and they have a price range to suit everybody. Laura the founder has kindly sent me a promo code just for you guys. To get 15% off your order just add the code PARTYDRESS15 at the last step of checkout, after the PayPal step when you have been redirected back to the site. The code is valid for 30 days from today, which is the 24th of june. They also have free shipping over £25 so go treat yourselves! 

Black Tied

This months Glossy Box collaborated with Superdrug to celebrate their 50th birthday. We were guaranteed 5 full sized products this month, and heres what I got...
1. B. Quick One Coat Proffessional Nail Polish #20
2. Solait Illuminating Facial Bronzing Cream
3. Superdrug Large Doughnut Ring 
4. I Love Cosmetics Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine
5. L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes in Black
6. Garnier Oil Beauty Lotion
7. GHOST Eclipse

Glossy Box | May

Kimono Primark £13 | Shirt Mango £17.99 | Mascara Boots £11.50 | More Elephants Camden market £1.99 | Flipflops Primark £1.50 | Pen Camden 79p | Ring Camden Market £10

As you know on Thursday me and Sean went to London for the day. This is what I bought when I was there, which isn't a lot really. Hopefully next time I can have a proper shopping spree on Oxford Street!

What I Bought | London Mini Haul 2

A yummy KitKat milkshake | Me and Seany on our way to LANDANN | My new ring from Camden | A gorgeous peter pan collat from the Calico event | Photobooth photos from Camden | New stone necklaces | Me and Hannah at Rock of Ages | The May Glossy Box | Rock of Ages poster

Instagram | Week 26

On Thursday me and Seany took a trip down to London, and I deffo forgot to take any photos. Last time we went to London we only got to have a couple hours around Camden market and that really wasn't enough. This time though we made sure we got to see it all, and I'm pretty sure we did. We spent all morning and some of the afternoon wandering through tiny winding streets. One of my favorite things about Camden is all the food stalls. If you've ever been I'm sure you will know what I mean. The market literally sells every kind of food you could ever want and I was kind of sad we ate before we got there. Although I did manage a couple of mini spring rolls and delicious KitKat milkshake. We didn't really buy all that much in Camden, we mostly just walked around getting lost and trying our best to track down a photobooth. 
But don't worry I still got to spend lots of money on a little trip to Oxford Street. I'd never been to Oxford Street before, so I never realized how bloody long it is! We popped into a few shops along the road before running out of time and dedicating out last bit of shopping time to finding Primark. I've always wanted to go to the Oxford Street Primark as everyone says how huge it is, and I wasn't disappointed. The place was massive and I really couldn't be bothered to look round all of it so I picked up and couple of things and headed off. After Primark we decided we better start getting ready to go to the Calico event, and after topping up my make up we set off to find it. I wrote about the Calico 'Keep It Fair In What You Wear' event on my last blog post.

London | 15.5.14

From left Pineapple wrap, Buenas noches, the little posh dress, BibicoGrace, Bags by Fashion compassion.
Yesterday night I was invited to the Calico 'Keep It Fair In What You Wear' event in London. The event was held at the Leggera Nell'Aria Boutique and promoted Fair Trade and ethical fashion. Most of the brands were British and their products were made here too, therefore supporting our economy and workers. Being my first blogger event I was quite nervous but everyone was really friendly and after talking to a few designers I got stuck in snapping away at the items on show. Each brand had its own space to show off its gorgeous products and there were several live models wearing some fantastic pieces.
One brand that really stood out to me was Grace, and not just because that's my name. The peter pan collar detail on some of their tops was beautiful, and I was lucky enough to receive one of my own in a goody bag. I was told by Jane Huppard the designer that she works with the same company who made the lace for Kate Middletons wedding dress. For 25% off Grace clothing you can use the discount code GRACEMAY14.
Another brand GirlWithBeads uses recycled materials to make clothing and bags. Some of their items were amazing, and I was told that no two pieces were ever the same.
All of the brands produce fantastic good quality items and promote good causes such as fair trade and recycling. 
I'm so glad Calico invited me and introduced me to some amazing brands, and I just wanted to thank everyone there for putting on a lovely evening. 

All of the links to to brands can be found here:

Event | Keep It Fair In What You Wear

Last week I treated myself to a beautiful necklace. Like I said in my latest haul post, I'd been looking for a good quality silver necklace and this is the one I picked. I fell in love with this and many many other necklaces in the online store, but stuck with this one. I just wanted to make a little post about the store as I was just so so happy with my new necklace and the customer service I received. You guys should check out Euphoria creations, but be warned the stuff sells out super quick!

Euphoria Creations

Okay so let me start off with saying I know its been agesss since I did a monthly favorite post but I'm going to start doing them again as of April. 
Okay now that's all cleared up lets got on with it :)
1. Barry M #351 Princess - This is such an amazing gorgeous colour. I bought it a while back but its literally my favorite nail varnish ever. I use it as a top coat over different shades of pink and I just love it.
2. VO5 Ultimate Hold hairspray - Seany treated me to a few cans of this after my sister bought me the ultimate volume one for Christmas. It smells so good and its not sticky like a lot of other hairsprays.
3. No7 Skin Illuminator - This came in a pack of No7 goodies my Nan received but didn't want so kindly donated to me. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and I really like it. I use it underneath my foundation and it makes my face so sparkly. 
4. No7 Hight Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink - This again came in the set of stuff Nan got and it is amazing! I've never had a lip crayon before but I'm already in love. Its a lot easier to apply than lipstick and this particular one is really glittery so I was bound to love it. I've already ordered more lip crayons in other colours that I cant wait to arrive!

Beauty Favorites | April

New shorts from New Look  |  Finally put our Camden photo in a frame  |  Barry M pink nail varnish  |  Put some fairy lights around my mirror  |  My gorgeous new Euphoria Creations necklace  | A little going out selfie  |  My April Glossy Box  |  My lovely blue petal filled bath  |  The inside of my April Glossy Box

Instagram | Week 25

1. Jumper Asos sale £14 |  2. Necklace Euphoria Creations £15  |  3. Cami top River Island sale £8  |  4. Shorts New Look via Asos £12.99
These are just a few things I've bought over the last week. I spotted the jumper online whilst having my usual browse through the Asos sale. I've been after a casual jumper for a while now as I only realy have Seans ones haha. I'd been eyeing up this necklace for a couple days and unfortunately it was out of stock. But I sent a little email to Euphoria Creations and they got one ordered for me. Its literally perfect for me as I don't have much silver jewellerey and I really wanted a nice quality silver necklace for summer. My sister actually bought me the cami top which is gorgeous and such a bargain at just £8! And the shorts I just had to get as I don't really have any like this. I recently booked a last minute holiday to Turkey (18 days and counting) And wanted some loose comfy shorts for round the pool. These are perfect and I cant wait to laze around in them!

What I Bought | 10.5.14

I wanted to show you guys what I got in my April Glossy Box. This is my first Glossy Box and my first beauty box so I was pretty excited. It came gorgeously packaged in a pink box and the contents were wrapped in paper and tied with a bow. Being my first box I didn't know it would come like this but it definitely added to the surprise and plays a big part in why I'm continuing with the subscription.
Now lets get on to what I got. In this months Glossy Box I received, an Emite lip brush, a Monu Spa massage and body oil, a Me Me Me pink highlighter, a TRESemme dry shampoo and a Vichy advanced filler.I would never normally pick up any of these products, but that's the whole point of buying a surprise beauty box. I'm probably most excited about the highlighter as I've been meaning to buy one for a while but never got around to it And the dry shampoo, believe me that little beauty is going to get ALOT of use! In all honesty I'm probably going to donate the filler to my mom as I'm sure she will be more grateful of it then me, and I've never used a massage oil before but I'm looking forward to having a relaxing bath with this one. 
Over all I'm pretty happy with what I received this month, and although I would have liked it to have been more make up related, I'm going to be trying out products I've never used before and that was the idea really!
I'm going to be reviewing all of these products over the next few weeks so keep a look out!

Glossy Box | April

Pendants I made | Raindrops on the tent | Me and Sean all snuggled up in our tent | Sign at the party | Little selfie before going to Seans | Booked my holiday today yayyyyyyyy! | My lanterns | Our little BBQ | Me and Sean before going out

Instagram | Week 24

1. Zatchels sale £45 |  2. Asos £19.99 | 3.Vintage shop £2.50 | 4.Asos £30

What I Bought | 3.5.14

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