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Wishlist | Elephant Edition

Shoes Store 21 £8.99 | Glass bracelets a shop in Brighton £1 each | Flamingo wind chime Evolution sale £1 | Sun wind chime Evolution £1 | Lantern from a shop in Bognor £1.79 | Shell bracelet from a shop in Bognor £1 | Elephant from Butlins £5 | Shell wind chime from a shop in Bognor £2.99 | Moon wind chime Evolution £1

I wanted to show you all what I bought while I was on holiday in Bognor Regis last week. I got some absolute bargains while I was in  Brighton, the best probably being the glass wind chimes for £1 each! I'm going to love hanging all of these from my ceiling when I've finished decorating my room. I'm also in love with the two glass bead bracelets I bought form a little seafront shop in Brighton. They were only £1 each too.
I wanted to shop so much more than I did but we really didn't have enough time, so I'll have to save up and get myself back down to Brighton town!

What I Bought | Holiday Haul

Brighton Pier | Shells on a wind chime | On the beach | Winning tickets at Butlins | Brighton Beach | New shoes yay | Brighton Pavilion | Photobooth at Butlins | Ferraro Roche and and Kinder Bueno milkshakes!

Instagram | Week 23

A few days ago me and my family took a little trip down to Bognor Regis. We all had a few days off and wanted to escape Brum for a bit. Like the children we are, we booked a 2 night stay at Butlins. I hadn't been to Butlins since I was about 7 but it was still as good as I remember. We spent the fist day traveling down and getting pretty lost, but we got to spend the whole of the second day in Brighton. Brighton was where I really wanted to go and we had such a nice day going on the pier and looking around the shops. We also got to have a quick look at the gorgeous Brighton Pavillion, although we never had time to go inside. The third day we spent in Butlins and around Bognor. I had such a good time and I cant wait to drag Sean around Brighton some time soon!

Brighton & Bognor Regis

Hi guys, just a quick post to let you know I'm on holiday right now so I wont be able to post much. Right now I'm sat using my free 15 mins wifi in one of the bars so I'm going to quickly post a little wishlist and that will be it until I get back! 

Just a little post to let you all know that this blog now has a twitter! I wont be using my personal twitter for anything blog related. For updates ect follow @PartyDressBlog


Drinksss | A little raspberry mocktail | Me and Sean being cuties with out friendship bracelet | Photobooth photos | The yummiest Chinese dinner ever | Night out :) | Out freebie champagne with a firework in it! | In my new jammies | All the eBay packages to send off 

Instagram | Week 22

A couple weeks ago I put in an order at a little Etsy shop called 'in their name'. I needed some little gifts and these were perfect. I ordered the names and the colours I wanted on the bracelets and they were shipped off to me with some other little freebies. The shop was set up by two girls looking to fund some trips abroad and loving traveling as much as I do I was more than happy to support them. The bracelets are super reasonable and make perfect little gifts. So if your looking for presents that don't break the bank, or even if you want to treat yourself to some personalized jewellery check them out HERE.

In Their Name

Shirt Asos £22.50 | Jeans New Look £12 | Shoes New Look via Asos sale £7 | Bag River Island sale £35
This is just a little outfit I wore to go shopping the other day. I'm in love with this Hawaiian style shirt and I'm deffo going to be wearing it a lot this summer.

Outfit | Hawaiian Shirt

Freebie magazines | My new Zatchels bag | Green gel nail varnish | A gorgeous smelling candle mom bought me | Pizza I made | A little going out selfie | Another candle photo ha | Treated my self to a strawberries and cream bath set | the flowers Sean bought me

Instagram | Week 21

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Mini Wishlist | Bag Edition

Pineapple print pants | My new amazing handbag | the nicest pizza | a yummy chocolate muffin | My Disney snow globe | New amazing Hawaiian shirt from Asos | Me and Seany after a couple drinks | My new Eeyore teddy | The cutest mini burgers at Handmade burger

Instagram | Week 20

Top Asos £22.50 | Playsuit River Island Via Asos sale £12.50 | Bag River Island sale £35

Over the last few day I treated myself to a couple things, nothing amazing but they are definitely my new favorite things. They were all impulse buys but as I've recently had a little wage increase thought why not! I fell in love with the shirt on one of my daily Asos browsing sessions and after a little hunt for a promo code, it was mine. The Playsuit is again from Asos and I have the same one in a floral print so when I saw that this beauty was half price I couldn't help myself. The bag was the worst impulse buy out of them all. I was meant to be going for a meal with Sean but I couldn't resist a little look in River Island beforehand and that's when I spotted it. It was £35 reduced from £70 and its leather so I snapped it up and went for a burger.  

What I Bought | Mini Haul 5.4.14

I'll be adding lots and lots of things to eBay tonight so here's your chance to get some bargains. I have lots of things with tags still on and everything is starting at 99p! If your interested my look HERE.

Buy My Stuff

I just wanted to show you guys how I had my nails for my holiday to Disneyland. They were a little bit chipped by the time I got to take a photo but you get the idea. I wanted Minnie Mouse inspired nails and as I'm too lazy and clumsy to do them properly I just bought some little stickers from eBay. I thought they looked pretty cute, especially in front on the Disneyland castle :D

Beauty | Disney Nails

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