Chelsea boots London rebel via Asos £25 | Kimono New Look £15 | Jeans Debenhams sale £12 | Cami top Miss Selfridge sale £6 | Chain necklace New Look sale £3

 Here's Another little outfit post for you guys. I really like doing these because I don't feel my blog is always very personal but an outfit post is. I wore this outfit to do a bit of shopping in yesterday and I really like it. I'm loving Kimonos a lot lately and I think they are going to be featured in loads of my outfits in the summer. 
Hope you guys liked these sort of posts as I'm hoping to do them a lot more!

Outfit Post | 31.1.1

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Wishlist | The Kimono Edition

Favorite piece of jewelry : Elephants earrings from Topshop. If you read my blog you will know how much I love elephants! When I saw these little beauts in the Topshop sale for £2.50 I knew they had to be mine! I've worn these almost every day I've had them and I don't think i'll stop loving them anytime soon.
Favorite make-up item : Collection 2000 #1 Prohibition. I had been looking for a new darker lipstick for a while and I saw this gorgeous colour in Superdrug for £3.99. The photo makes this shade look a lot brighter but its actually a fairly deep pinky/red. Its a lovely colour and it was a good price so that's why its my favorite.
Favorite beauty product : L'Occitane Mango flower hand cream. I had this bought for me for Christmas and I love it. It smells beautiful and sorts out my dry hands. As I've said before, I suffer with very dry skin and I'm always looking for things that help and although it could be better,  nothing beats how this smells!
Favorite Nail varnish : Technice 'mad Alice'. I wore this nail varnish for New Years and loved it so much I've worn it a few times since. It was only 99p and you know I love a good bargain!

January Favorites

Flowers Sean bought me | New Topshop necklace | Missguided kimono | New red lipstick | The Disneyland countdown (now 56 days ;P) | Little selfie | New moon earrings | The yummiest hot chocolate ever | One of the pizzas me and Sean made

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Instagram | week 10

So I thought as been as the last giveaway went down well I should do another! 
Here are the rules:
All you have to do is follow me via Bloglovin. For extra entires you can follow me on twitter, instagram or leave a comment.
This is what you will win:
- One French manicure set
- A Roses De Chloe perfume sample
- One yellow bracelet
- One pink bracelet
This giveaway is open world wide!
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Skirt Miss Selfridge sale £6  |  Kimono Missguided sale £12
Top Matalan Via Ebay £5   |   Lipstick Colection 2000 £3.99  |  Hair treatment £2
Shoes Debenhams sale £16.50   |   Coat Littlewoods Ex-catalog via Ebay £8.99
Shoes Ebay £14.99  |  Dress Henry Holland via Debenhams sale £12

What I Bought | Part 2

Kimono New Look £14.99        |    Necklace New Look sale £3
Glitter cami top New Look sale £8   |     Coat Debenhams sale £28
Pants H&M sale £2   |   Necklace Topshop £6.50
Earrings Ebay 99p      |      Cami top Miss Selfridge sale £6
Jeggings Marks and Spencers £17.50    |     Cat bag Ebay £10.69

What I Bought | 23.1.14 Part One

New books | Relaxing with some candles | Gorgeous print on my new kimono | New nail stickers for Disneyland | The beautiful shoes I ordered | Face mask | Newly painted pink and blue nails | The candles mom bought me | Me and Sean with our face masks on

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Instagram | Week 9

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Wishlist | Luxury Edition

I've decided to enter the 'Moments that mattered' competition to win an Ipad mini. I saw the competition over at and wanted to show you guys the moments that mattered to me the most in 2013. 

By far the most important thing to me this year was all my holidays and spending time with the people closest to me. This year I went to Paris for the first time and it was compleatly amazing. I did all the general touristy things like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and I wouldn't have had it any other way. 
I also went to Kavos for a week long girls holiday. We basically just got drunk and sunbathed but it was so so fun and I cant wait for this years!
Me and Sean went away on our first ever holiday this year too. We went to sunny Spain for a week of relaxing and all inclusive food! We spent a day in the gorgeous city of Barcelona (which we navigated all by ourselves!) and watched some of the best cabaret acts I've ever seen. It was just such a lovely week.
In October I also managed to get a couple of days off work to go to Cornwall. Me, Sean, Mom and Dad booked a last minute holiday to Newquay and had a fabulous time. I'd never been before but I wasn't disappointed. We also got to spend a day in the beautiful town of St Ives which is my favorite place in the UK.

So Those were the Moments that mattered to me most in 2013, what are yours?

Moments That Mattered

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Wishlist | Ebay #1

So I'm a bit late with the New Year resolutions but here they are anyway...

Get organised! 
This year I'm really going to get my head down and sort things out. I'm going to clear my desk and organise everything. I'm going to put so much more effort into this blog and everything else I do. I really want to make this year a good year for me and I'm going to do it by using a date diary and keeping on top of everything.
Get my camera fixed!
I've been meaning to do this for months now. I mean how can I be a proper blogger without a good camera? Its been broken since May and its time to get it sorted. I will get the money together and my camera will be saved!
Get healthy!
Notice this says healthy not thin. I'm fairly happy with my weight and being skinny looks like way too much work, but I do need to eat better. I've been eating really badly lately and that needs to change. I'm going to start eating better and exercising regularly and hopefully I'll start feeling better!
Travel more!
Okay I go on a lot of holidays but I still want to see more of the world. Nothing makes me happier than spending time in a different place and I need to do that a lot more this year. I'm going to write a list of all the places I want to go to and make sure I actually go!
Blog more!
I love blogging but I don't post as much as I should. I'm going to designate more time to writing posts and taking photos and just really put a lot more time in than I do. I love my blog and I want it to be the best it can be!
Save money!
Its so hard to save when there is so much I want to do. I always end up buying little things and make it harder to save for the bigger things I want. This year I need to stop. I'm going to save for driving lessons, holidays, and of course my camera. I will start driving this year!

And thats it! Hopefully I can stick to all that and achieve my goals. These are things I really want to do so I'm going to put a lot of effort in to doing them.

What are your New Years resolutions/goals for the future? 

Promises to myself

Just a little post to let you all know I bought out my URL. From now on you can find me at either OR! Nothing else has changed but I now own this URL. YAY :D 

 This is out of a gift set I got for Christmas. I generally like Soap and Glory products so when I received a whole gift set I was a very happy girl. I had never tried this scrub before though, so I was excited to try something new. I suffer with fairly dry skin so I'm constantly trying out all sorts of things to smooth it out and I thought this might help. I followed the instructions and scrubbed away at my arms and legs in the shower. I love the feeling of using exfoliating face wash and this scrub is fairly similar.  After moisturizing I felt my skin and although it was a lot smoother I don't think it was that much better than using bog standard exfoliating gloves. Although the product was average I did love the feel and the scent on my skin so i'll give it a 

Soap And Glory : The Scrub Of Your Life | Review

New elephant earrings from topshop | Bath bomb from lush | Hot chocolate in my favorite mug | Sean bought me the book I wanted | Chocolate teddy bears | My new sparkly top | After the bath bomb dissolved | baby pink nails | Midnight pizza MMMM

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Instagram | Week 8

So I thought I'd do a little review of one of the bath bombs I got for Christmas. I have a little confession. This was my first ever bath bomb, and it was amazing! When I first popped it in the water it fizzed around the bath leaving a trail of pink and green. The colour then changed into a deeper green with bits of yellow and it smelt really nice. I couldn't wait to get in the deep green bath and relax. The bubbles didnt last too long but I wasn't that disappointed. I would definitely recommend that you guys give this a go if they are still selling it!

Father Christmas LUSH Bath Bomb | Review

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Just a little post showcasing some of the more gorgeous watches I can find. I'm so so in love with most of them. I might have to splash out and buy myself the mickey mouse one for when I go to Disneyland ;) 

Wishlist | Watch Edition

Earrings: Topshop sale £2.50        |         Cami Top: New Look sale £8
Top: Primark £7                    |         Hairclip: Crown and Glory 
This is just a mini haul of a few things I bought when I went shopping the other day. I was kind of sad that the sales are pretty much over now and what is left isn't that great. I did manage to get a couple of nice things though, my favorite has to be that gorgeous black glitter cami top from new look. I'm also in love with those little elephant earrings from Topshop! I still have loads of stuff on order so I'll post about that when it gets here!

What I Bought | 8.1.14

NYE Outfit | Chicken Shashlik | Selfie | New glitter nail varnish | Me and Sean on NYE | My new cat bag and purse | Selfie number 2 | Quality Street Chocolate | My new alphabet jumper

Instagram | Week 7

Jumper: Asos £20                       //         Top: New Look via Asos £10
Shoes:London Rebel via Asos £19.50    //    Shoes: New Look via Asos £7

What I Bought | 5.1.2014

Dress: Chelsea girl £5 | Shoes: Primark £16 | Belt: New Look £3.99 | Ring: Matalan £2 | Necklace: New Look £6 | Bag: Zatchels £75

So this was my New Years outfit. This wasn't my original outfit, but when this gorgeous dress came in the post I knew I had to wear it. I originally panned to wear a blue lace skater dress but I felt that these pretty gold tones would be much more suited for new years. I decided to pair this dress with my beautiful gold messenger bag from Zatchels, and although a black one probably would have gone better, I could help but wear it.
I hope everyone had a fabulous new years!

My New Years Eve Outfit!

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2. Here
3. Here
4. Here
5. Here
6. Here

The Not So Weekly Wishlist | 3.1.2014

These are just a few things I have bought over the last couple of days. I've gone a bit wild with shopping lately and have so soooo many orders on the way. This year I spent a fortune on everyone's Christmas presents so I thought it was only fair that I had a bit of a spend up on myself too. Most of the things I buy are usually in the sale or fairly cheep to begin with so I don't really feel guilty about treating myself!

 Metallic Brogues  : Ebay £8            //       Cami Top : Dorothy Perkins £12
 Dress : Ebay £5       //     Nail varnish : 99p each    //   Nail Art : £1.20 both Bodycare
In case you guys hadn't noticed, a lot of my things come from Ebay. Its no secret that I spend a lot of time buying and selling on there so I just wanted to give it a quick mention. I know times are hard for a lot of people so my number one tip for anyone wanting to look good on a budget is go on Ebay! People sell their BRAND NEW clothes for next to nothing so you can pick up a few good bargains! I also get a lot of my things sent from China and they are all super cheap too. I just thought this was worth mention for anyone struggling to budget after Christmas!

What I bought | 2.1.2014

2013 really has been an amazing year. I've been so lucky to have done so much and to have been to so many places this year. I've also had some big things happen like leaving college and being with Sean. I cant even begin to explain how much this year has changed me and how much I'm looking forward to everything i'm going to be doing next year. These are just a few highlights from the past year. The best things I did would have to be going to Paris for the first time and spending a whole week parting in Kavos and going on my first holiday with Sean. And there is so much more but I cant put it all into one post. Overall 2013 was a fantastic year and I hope 2014 will be just as good!

I hope everyone's 2013 has been amazing and happy new year to you all!

MY 2013!

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