So yesterday the gorgeous elephant earrings I ordered came in the post. They are rose gold which is my absolute favorite cause its slightly pinkish and they are just over all beautiful! If any of you know me you'll know how much I love elephants so these earrings really are perfect!

Elephant earrings!

I decided to paint my nails yesterday. I took the idea from a post on I really wanted to try something different as I was bored of having red painted nails everyday. When I saw the tutorial I knew I wanted to give it a go. Its actually pretty simple to do, but if you have shaky hands like I unfortunately do, you might find it a bit tricky. To get this effect I used a sea green base coat and painted on (with a very small paint brush) the little pink flicks. I then went over this with a clear top coat to seal it.

I know they aren't amazing and don't even come close to how good the ones on the tutorial look but for a first try I don't think they are too bad haha!

The finished product!
These are the nail varnishes I used to create the feather effect nails.

Feather effect nails..

So with the Summer almost here and everyone ready for their holibobs, its time to start bikini shopping! Okay some of us dread having to bear all as skinny minnys pounce around the pool, but I've selected a few of my favorite bikinis you can buy online right now so you can all feel fabulous on your holidays.

All of these can be found at


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